A new you in the new year

Local entrepreneur wants to change the way you live with The Lifestyle Pass

Local Pilates and yoga instructor Stephanie “Sam” Manchulenko created The Lifestyle Pass to promote healthy living and wellness. Garret Elias

If you made the same old resolutions this New Year - eat healthy, exercise and lose weight - a local entrepreneur wants to help you actually achieve those goals this year.

Sam Manchulenko is the creator of The Lifestyle Pass, a handy companion and motivator for keeping in shape 365 days of the year. Designed like a passport, The Lifestyle Pass is filled with over 45 different offers worth over $1,500 to local companies that focus on healthy living – all for only $40.

“It’s hard for people in the winter to get off the couch and be healthy,” Manchulenko said. “The pass is intended to be a tool for people to find companies that promote healthy living and wellness.”

For the 32-year-old Manchulenko, a wellness enthusiast who teaches Pilates and yoga, the idea for The Lifestyle Pass came from her dream of a place where everything healthy can easily be found under one roof, eliminating the pains of research.

People say they want to lose pounds, but maybe they don’t know where to start. With [The Lifestyle Pass], they are given options of what’s available in the city.

Sam Manchulenko, creator, The Lifestyle Pass

“People say they want to lose pounds, but maybe they don’t know where to start. With the pass, they are given options of what’s available in the city.”

Those interested in trying yoga, for example, can find multiple offers for free classes for two at Moksha Yoga Winnipeg on Donald Street.

“Our goal is to make yoga accessible and our offers are beginner-friendly,” Ryann Doucette, owner of Moksha, said. “People’s biggest misconception of yoga is that they have to be very flexible to do it. While you will become flexible, that’s not the primary focus. Yoga also focuses on building muscular endurance and strength and calming the mind.”

Those looking to de-stress after a grueling day of work or school can take advantage of a complimentary offer to use the therapeutic mineral and hydrotherapy bath, and aroma infused steam room at the Urban Oasis Mineral Spa located in the Clarion Hotel at Polo Park.

For people wanting to improve their diet, there are plenty of food options as well. Offers include free smoothies from Fresh Cafe, and a discount on purchases at the several Vita Health Fresh Markets scattered throughout the city, which specialize in organic food.

“There are no pesticides or herbicides in organic food,” Kendra Delichte, marketing manager and nutritionist for Vita Health, explained. “[Organic food] is good fuel for the body. Students burn so much fuel, and organic food is the best source of proper nutrition.”

However, the price of organic food is slightly higher than regular food products. Delichte acknowledges the higher cost for organic products but said that the health benefits are worth it in the long run.

“In the end you’ll be healthier for it.”

Those interested in purchasing a Lifestyle Pass can find them at any McNally Robinson location and select cafes. For more information on the pass, visit www.thelifestylepass.com.

Published in Volume 63, Number 16 of The Uniter (January 15, 2009)

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