2011 Manitoba Provincial Election

  • Emma Beech, student, University of Winnipeg Dance Program

    Yes I will be. We are so fortunate to be able to be part of decision-making.

  • Paul Baker, systems analyst

    Yes I will … One voice makes a difference.

  • Elodie Flower, American Apparel employee

    I would be if I was not 17.

  • Max Porozny, student, University of Manitoba

    Yes. If you don’t vote then you feel disconnected from everyone else.

  • Wade Nelson, communications professor, University of Winnipeg

    If you have any smidgen of faith in democracy then you must. After all, it gives you the right to complain for the next cycle.

  • Robin Henderson, third-year student, anthropology

    What election? I don’t understand. I don’t know anything about democracy. Leave me alone.

Published in Volume 66, Number 5 of The Uniter (September 29, 2011)

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