The Urban Issue 2015

Winnipeg is _______.

  • Well, That’s Garbage

    As a student, dating-wise, you’ve got it made. Since reaching sexual maturity, you have been surrounded by single people your own age.

  • West End Snapshots: Mall Centre

    Today, most people pass by the Mall Centre complex at 491 Portage Ave., now the U of W’s AnX, and don’t give it too much thought. When it was built in 1963-64, however, it was celebrated as a unique, multi-use complex for Winnipeg’s downtown.

  • Winnipeg Is: The Merchants

    What was once a notorious hotel in Winnipeg’s North End will soon be home to academic and community engagement.

  • Winnipeg Is: Community renewal

    It may have taken ten years and $217 million, but the University of Winnipeg may have finally filled in its “moat."

  • Winnipeg Is: Slow to wake up

    Downtown Winnipeg is an emerging district. The thing is, emerging takes time. Think about yourself emerging from bed on a dark, Winnipeg winter morning. It’s a process.

  • Winnipeg Is: Embracing the Trimbee era

    Dr. Annette Trimbee, U of W graduate and former Alberta Deputy Minister of Advanced Education, is now well in to her first year as U of W’s President and Vice-Chancellor. Many exciting things have happened under her watch including the recent $825,000 grant to develop the Graduate Studies program. Dr. Trimbee joined us over the phone to reflect on her year, current issues on campus and the future of the U of W.

  • Winnipeg Is: Strange bylaws

    It’s no surprise that governments waste an absurd amount of time on arbitrary and unnecessary endeavors. Important tasks get put on the backburner while resources are wasted on the least pressing issues. There are few examples more emblematic of this dichotomy than the weird historical legislation of Winnipeg’s psychics.

  • Winnipeg Is: UNICITY

    It’s deceiving to look at the map of Winnipeg and think of it as simply “one city.” A massive, sprawling hunk of Manitoba, dotted with Slurpee cups and Jets jerseys. It’s only when you look at the individual communities, each area operating a little bit differently than the next, do you get a sense of who lives here.

  • Winnipeg Is: Heritage

    Heritage buildings are a valued part of Winnipeg’s cityscape and could be receiving more protection than they traditionally have.

  • Winnipeg Is: Food Sharing

    Everybody’s gotta eat, but not everybody can afford to eat well. Eating healthy, locally produced food is trending across the county, but eating well doesn’t have to be limited to the summer gardening months. Despite our long winters there are many organizations around Winnipeg working to promote local food production and sharing year-round.

  • Winnipeg Is: Opportunities/Limits

    Why do you live in Winnipeg?

    Isolated in the middle of the continent and frigid temperatures for half of the year, the reasons people settle in Manitoba’s capital city are as vast as the suffocating fields surrounding the perimeter highway.

  • Winnipeg Is: Sex Work

    Prostitute. Sex worker. Victim. Whore. Sexually exploited woman. A woman who sells sex has probably been described vivaciously as many, if not all, of these terms at some point in time. She is named by others occasionally with accuracy but often with a deluded discourse that crumbles upon closer examination.

  • Winnipeg Is: A boys club

    Running a music venue is a bit of an odd occupation, with no clear path for training, a small cadre of colleagues who are all doing something a little different, and no guarantees of security. 


    Nils Vik almost found himself in some hot water a few weeks ago over a quote pulled from a recent article in The Uniter. The article was highlighting Urban Ink’s Dix Ans D’Affiches, currently showing at Parlour Coffee. The quote was circulated through Twitter via the Graphic Design Council of Canada, Manitoba Chapter.

  • Winnipeg Is: DIY venues

    Bands are playing under-the-radar shows in Winnipeg, if you know where to look.

  • Winnipeg Is: Protest

    On March 14, hundreds of Winnipeggers participated in a Canada-wide Day of Action by marching and protesting against Bill C-51. Apparently I am not the only Canadian who finds the Harper Government’s proposed Anti-Terrorism Bill to be alarming and Orwellian. If you aren’t alarmed already, here is why you should be.

  • Winnipeg Is: Growth & Diversity

    Winnipeg faces significant demographic changes in the years ahead, both in terms of our overall population as well as our cultural diversity. Embracing those changes and building an inclusive community will be essential to ensuring our city has a strong future.

  • West End Snapshots: Saigon Park Memorial

    Across the street from the Ellice Avenue entrance to the University of Winnipeg, in what is called Saigon Park, there is a memorial tree and stone commemorating the nine people who were killed in the Haselmere Apartments fire of 1974. It was a blaze that led to a showdown between the City and landlords and changed how Winnipeg’s fire code was enforced.

  • Whose House? Mayor Matt Allen’s house.

    Not all mayors work in politics. Mayor Matt Allen is a musician, cook and documentary filmmaker who lives in North Point Douglas. Allen shares a house with his wife, Rhoda, his daughter, their cat Casey and dogs Benny and Lester.