• The slow movement

    A cultural shift is slowly working its way into society. Promoting connection to people, community, oneself and food, followers of the slow movement advocate for a deliberate and unhurried way of life.

  • A city for all

    Winnipeg has set a goal of cutting greenhouse-gas emissions by 20 per cent by 2030. Given that residential and commercial vehicles are currently Winnipeg’s largest sources of emissions, making the city less car-centric will play a big role in meeting climate goals.

  • City briefs

    Bergvall and Moure in conversation// How to get accomodated at U of W// Winnipeg and water// 5-year review of the Colombian Peace Agreement// Annual toy drive returns to Wii Chiwaakanak// Bus shelter blaze before poverty policy review

  • ‘This city is a car city’

    During the first waves of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were required to work and study from home. As fewer people travelled into the downtown core to go to the office or classes, the streets were fairly quiet, and parking was much easier to find.

  • Where arts and active transportation intersect

    Winnipeg holds many intersections of arts and active transportation. Monthly events like Bike Jam bring together arts, community and physical activity in tandem with events like the Rainbow Trout Music Festival.

  • Hit the streets, then fix them

    Sixty-three per cent of West Broadway residents don’t drive a car.

    Or rather, even if they can drive, they primarily bike, walk and take public transportation. And yet, there is an incredibly busy and dangerous traffic artery that slices through the neighbourhood: a thoroughfare that is simply not designed with the neighbourhood’s residents in mind.

  • It’s not just about convenience

    On Aug. 27, the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) announced on their website that the transit U-Pass will, once again, not be available to students for the 2021-22 school year.

  • Fare-free transit motion scrapped from City agenda

    Transit advocates stress the need for affordable transit

  • Getting home safe(r)

    In the time of COVID-19, some may feel uncomfortable riding public transit. 

  • Farewell to the Downtown Spirit

    On Sept. 6, all three routes of the Downtown Spirit were terminated. As Winnipeg’s only free bus line, its fleet covered popular downtown destinations including The Forks, the University of Winnipeg and parts of the Exchange District for inner-city residents, commuters and tourists. 

  • Restrictive land use a setback to climate justice

    Neighbourhood change, especially in trendy, upscale neighbourhoods, is a heated topic across Canada. But Green Party of Canada leadership hopeful Glen Murray’s take on the issue is at odds with the party’s climate goals.

  • Uber to enter Winnipeg market

    Transportation has been a relevant issue in Winnipeg well beyond the past decade. The Uniter has covered this topic in depth, as it remains an issue of great importance for all Winnipeggers, especially students. Our coverage has focused extensively on safety, affordability and efficiency related to buses, taxis and ride-hailing services.

  • Building on shaky foundations

    As the provincial government reacts to COVID-19, their responses will be impacted by the state of Manitoba’s healthcare system prior to the virus' arrival in Manitoba and the provincial budget.

  • City briefs

    New U of W chancellor // Support for Manitoba tenants // Wellness checks during pandemic // UWSA’s response to COVID-19 // Employment insurance top-up during pandemic // Transit union calls for improvements

  • Show me the numbers

    In the last few months, Winnipeg Transit went from working with students to revise and consider expanding the U-Pass discount student plan to unceremoniously dumping the program with no explanation other than the inevitability of budget cuts.

  • City’s budget slashes popular U-Pass program

    On Friday, March 6, the City of Winnipeg tabled their 2020 to 2023 budget, which included increases in road-repair spending, decreases in community grants and reductions in library hours.

  • U-Pass fees likely to increase

    On Nov. 4, the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure of the City of Winnipeg voted to move forward with the recommendations of a report outlining changes to the Winnipeg Transit U-Pass.

  • Transforming transit

    When it comes to intercity transportation, labour organizer and host of Rank and File Radio - Prairies Emily Leedham says there’s “a culture shift that needs to happen, and that’s what we hope to accomplish with the (audio) documentary,” Still Waiting for the Bus: The Unnatural Death of Prairie Intercity Transit.