Speakers Series

  • The Uniter Speaker Series presents Ryan Beardy

    On Thursday, Nov. 10, local activist and mentor Ryan Beardy will be our featured speaker, discussing issues of colonization and Indigenous men.

  • More Uniter than you asked for

    It’s November. Winnipeg has a new mayor, the leaves (or what few are left) have a new colour, and, on Sunday, the clocks will wind back an hour as daylight savings time ends.

  • The Uniter Speaker Series presents Adeline Bird

    Currently residing in Tkaronto, Adeline Bird is an Afro-Anishinaabe storyteller creating new waves in Canada’s television and film industries.

  • The Uniter Speaker Series presents Big Freedia

    Age of Aquarius 

  • The Uniter Speaker Series presents The Faculty of Horror

    Leaning into discomfort

  • The Uniter Speaker Series presents Matthew James-Wilson

    Indie music, DIY culture and systemic racism

  • The Uniter Speaker Series presents Keisha Greaves

    A passion for adaptive fashion

  • A conversation with Shoog McDaniel

    Photographic artist and fat liberation activist Shoog McDaniel will give a talk at the West End Cultural Centre (WECC) on March 10 as part of the Uniter Speaker Series. The talk will be hosted by comedian and local television personality Issa Kixen. 

  • How the media mishandles meth

    Is this teaching me how to make things better, or is this making me more afraid – and who benefits from me being afraid? Who is this fear-based narrative serving, and why is this being presented in lieu of something that will empower me to make things better in my community?

  • The not-so-secret life

    With 2018’s The Secret Life of Planets, singer-songwriter Zaki Ibrahim established herself as a musician on the cutting edge of the medium.

  • The Uniter Speaker Series presents Zaki Ibrahim

    Music is a powerful and creative tool that can be used for social change and emotional confrontation. Zaki Ibrahim comes to Winnipeg on Sept.12 to share how her music embodies this and more at the upcoming Uniter Speaker Series.

  • The Uniter Speaker Series presents Jeff Emtman

    Jeff Emtman started Here Be Monsters seven years ago, in 2012, when he graduated college. Today, there is a team alongside Entman producing the podcast.

  • Defying expectations with honesty

    Darla Contois’ passion for theatre was first sparked by a production of award-winning Métis playwright Ian Ross’ Baloney! when it visited her high school.

  • Too Attached

    “So, sister/brother duo, how’s that going?” Shamik Bilgi, one-half of the electronic music project Too Attached, asks. His sister Vivek Shraya laughs, leans into the mic and says, “Ask my therapist.

  • Alok Vaid-Menon

    Alok Vaid-Menon is a gender non-conforming performance artist, writer, educator and entertainer, and they’re coming to Winnipeg on March 14 as part of The Uniter Speaker Series.

  • Life in the City of Dirty Water RECAP

    On Jan. 30, 2018, Clayton Thomas-Müller shared stories and visuals as part of his larger project, Life in the City of Dirty Water, on stage at the West End Cultural Centre.

  • Life in the City of Dirty Water

    Clayton Thomas-Müller is delivering his transmedia presentation, Life in the City of Dirty Water at the West End Cultural Centre on Jan. 30.

  • Speaker Series: Policing Black Lives

    Robyn Maynard, Black feminist writer, activist, educator and author of Policing Black Lives: State Violence in Canada from Slavery to the Present, will be speaking as part of the Uniter Speaker Series on Nov. 22.

  • Favourite Local theatrical production

    1. Shrek the Musical
    2. Heavenly Bodies (Gislina Patterson)
    3. zahgidiwin/love (Frances Koncan)

  • Building community with public art

    One doesn’t have to look far to find art in Winnipeg’s downtown. This year, the city became the Creative City Network’s first winner of the Award of Excellence in Public Art.

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