• You Get Me So High

    Mother of Goo

  • Mother of Goo

    Go f*** yourself. I love you

  • Winnipeg needs to protect sex workers

    Sex work is real work

  • Thank you, Goddess

    BDSM requires skillful and intentional communication. It is the ménage à trois of intimacy, tenderness and vulnerability. 

  • Wetness and liberated pleasure in Winnipeg

    Each month, Mother of Goo will research an activity/community on the sensual-sexual spectrum.

  • Sexual and reproductive health in Winnipeg

    The capacity of Canadians to access, realize and exercise their sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) has been influenced by the changing tides of the nation’s politics and the shifting configurations of beliefs and customs throughout the years.

  • Investigating the state of pleasure

    Montreal has 26. Toronto has 45. Vancouver has 42. Winnipeg has three.

  • A few steps forward, a few steps back

    As of Sept. 1, Mifegymiso (also known as “Mife”), a pill that allows people to end a pregnancy within the first 10 weeks, is covered by Manitoba Health and free.

  • Making sex scenes safe(r) for filmmakers

    Inclusive pornographer Kate Sinclaire will hold a workshop on filming sex scenes at the Winnipeg Film Group on Sept. 18. The workshop will address how to approach shooting intimate scenes.

  • An (incomplete) queer history

    Queer history is everywhere, scattered throughout all kinds of archival records.

  • Porn in public

    This Saturday, Kate Sinclaire, a Winnipeg director and producer of the adult cinema site Ciné Sinclaire, will pack people into her third-floor Exchange District studio to watch pornography.

  • The fight for safety under censorship

    Since its advent, the internet has been a key resource for keeping sex workers safe, a venue for hearing their opinions on policy and a tool for making money.

  • Talk about sexual awareness and health

    Between Feb. 12 and 16, the Sexuality Education Resource Centre Manitoba (SERC) will host Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week on the topic of “Minding Our Business”: Sexual Health & Mental Wellness.

  • Starting a dialogue around sexuality and disability

    Next week, local advocates will host a night to hear from the disabilities community about issues around sex, dating and intimacy. The event is titled “Sexuality and Disability Manitoba Panel Discussion.”

  • Sex workers are not illegal

    Since a law change in 2013, sex work in Canada is not illegal. Currently, sex work falls under the category of asymmetrical criminalization, meaning the purchase - not the sale - of sex is illegal.

  • Queering sex toys

    According to Jack Lamon, sex is fundamental to everyone. The worker-owner at Come As You Are (CAYA), a co-operatively-run sex shop in Toronto, explains that to express one’s sexuality in today’s society is radical.

  • Monthly smut slam a haven for sex nerds

    The Winnipeg Smut Slam is a monthly event where participants have five minutes to impress with their best story, but there’s one rule: every story told has to be about sex.

  • Masturbation is self-care

    Despite its silly reputation, masturbation is an important part of sexual health.

  • Safer Sex

    About 25 per cent of Canadians living with HIV do not know they are positive, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada.

  • Let them love

    PDA is A-OK!

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