• Zabeen Khamisa, religion and culture lecturer

    Zabeen Khamisa, a lecturer in the Department of Religion and Culture at the University of Winnipeg, moved to Winnipeg last July, eager to embark on a new chapter in her academic career.

  • Dr. Keisean Stevenson, chemistry instructor

    Dr. Keisean Stevenson, a chemistry in- structor at the University of Winnipeg, has a deep-rooted connection to the Caribbean, where he spent his formative years in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

  • Dr. Tabitha Wood, associate dean of science and associate professor of chemistry

    Dr. Tabitha Wood, the associate dean of science and an associate professor of chemistry at the University of Winnipeg, didn’t discover her interest in the subject right away.

  • Dr. Bev Fredborg, psychology assistant professor

    As a licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in trauma and emotion regulation, Dr. Bev Fredborg, an assistant psychology professor at the University of Winnipeg (U of W), is well aware of current social-media trends involving mental-health advice – and misinformation – about trauma.

  • Mary Adedayo, assistant professor of applied computer science

    Mary Adedayo is an assistant professor of applied computer science at the University of Winnipeg. Growing up in Ibadan, a small town two hours from Lagos, Nigeria, Adedayo gained a keen sense for understanding and analyzing the world from her family.

  • Elaine Herrera, mathematics instructor

    Elaine Herrera, a mathematics instructor at the University of Winnipeg, knows some people find her subject intimidating.

  • Jay Maillet, geography instructor

    Jay Maillet’s earliest childhood memories involve spending time in nature. The University of Winnipeg geography instructor was born near Halifax and lived there until he was about five years old.

  • Heather Souter, anthropology professor

    Heather Souter’s journey unfolds like a tapestry, intricately woven with her dedication to preserving her Michif heritage and Indigenous languages. Born in British Columbia with deep Métis roots, she eventually settled in Camperville, an Indigenous community in Manitoba.

  • Dr. Sylvie Albert, professor of strategy and leadership

    Dr. Sylvie Albert’s life is a testament to the power of early memories and a deep passion for education and community development. As a professor of strategy and leadership at the University of Winnipeg (U of W), Albert has not only made significant contributions to academia but has also played a pivotal role in shaping sustainable urban environments.

  • Dr. Andrew Frey, physics professor

    Dr. Andrew Frey’s journey to academia might have been written in the stars.

    Some of his earliest memories include gazing at the sky while waiting in a car outside a daycare in North Carolina. He says these moments sparked a lifelong curiosity in and passion for understanding the cosmos.

  • Andrew McGillivray, rhetoric, writing and communications department chair

    While Dr. Andrew McGillivray comes from a family with a background in the sciences, he followed his passion for literature and took a slightly different path. He’s now the department chair of and an assistant professor in the rhetoric, writing and communications department at the University of Winnipeg.

  • Dr. Eunhee Buettner, instructor and Tutoring Centre acting coordinator

    Dr. Eunhee Buettner’s journey into academia began with her earliest memories of growing up in a small fishing village in Namhae, South Korea. Close-knit relationships between teachers and students influenced her views on education.

  • Ecological sustainability and theatre

    Dr. Dennis Gupa, a queer artist of Colour and assistant professor in the University of Winnipeg’s Department of Theatre and Film, says “(Theatre) gives you the possibility of imagining.”

  • Jewish crime

    Sitting in his office in Centennial Hall, Alex Tepperman talks about his upcoming book on Jewish crime.

  • Learning through teaching

    Dr. Natalie Richer completed all of her degrees in human kinetics from the University of Ottawa.

  • The language of mathematics

    Dr. Iian Smythe grew up in Winnipeg and earned a bachelor of mathematics from the University of Manitoba with a minor in philosophy.

  • Critical mental health

    Jan DeFehr is a University of Winnipeg alum.

  • Workplace boundaries and microaggressions

    Grace O’Farrell moved to Winnipeg at 18 years old.

  • Curiosity and playfulness in ancient Greek literature

    Dr. Melissa Funke is an assistant professor in classics.

  • Fish biology

    Dr. Caleb Hasler grew up in a small town in Eastern Ontario.

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