Origin Stories

  • Origin Stories: Kale Sheppard

    In the realm of urban artistry, Kale Sheppard emerges as a dynamic force, weaving their identity into the tapestry of Winnipeg’s cityscape.

  • Origin Stories: Crumb Queen

    Three years have passed since Cloe Wiebe started Crumb Queen.

  • ‘Still obscure as hell’

    For years, John Paizs has been a cult figure among cult figures. The filmmaker, a key creator in the early days of the Winnipeg Film Group, created work that was subversive, funny and visually inventive. His trio of half-hour shorts, The Three Worlds of Nick (1981 to ’84), and his first feature, Crime Wave (1985), are cutting-edge works of underground ’80s cinema. They’ve also been, until recently, really difficult to actually see.

  • Ska in the spotlight

    When Greg Crowe co-founded ska group Whole Lotta Milka in 1992, the band members “didn’t even own an amplifier.”

  • Origin Stories: Tom Jackson

    Celebrated Canadian actor, singer and activist Tom Jackson was born to a Cree mother and an English father

  • Origin stories: Adam Brooks, Award-winning artist and filmmaker

    Born in Winnipeg and originally from the Riverview area, Adam Brooks doesn’t feel there is anything unusual about his start in life.

  • Origin stories: Fred Penner, entertainer and musician

    Children’s performing legend Fred Penner recently returned to Manitoba for gigs in Winkler and Portage la Prairie.

  • Origin Stories: Sierra Noble, Canadian Singer/ Songwriter

    Born in Ottawa, Sierra Noble moved to Winnipeg as a baby. They started their artistic career at 10 years old.

  • Origin stories: Bif Naked, Canadian Singer

    Born Beth Torbert, Bif Naked talks about her atypical childhood.

  • Origin stories: Greg MacPherson singer-songwriter

    Born in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Greg MacPherson has moved a lot in his life – a total of 41 times. His father was a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force and was transferred to Winnipeg in 1986, where MacPherson lives today.

  • Origin stories: Mitch Dorge, Crash Test Dummies

    Mitch Dorge, drummer for the band Crash Test Dummies (CTD), celebrated his 62nd birthday while (virtually) sitting down with The Uniter in Red Deer, Alta. while on tour with the multi-platinum-selling band.

  • Origin stories: James Peebles

    Former Winnipegger and astrophysicist James Peebles recalls receiving a 5 a.m. phone call from Stockholm back in 2019. The call informed him he was the recipient of the Nobel Prize in physics.

  • Origin Stories: Lubomyr Melnyk

    Lubomyr Melnyk is known for his “continuous music” style of piano playing. The rapid note-playing method was developed over many years of classical piano practice.

  • Origin story: Heather Bishop

    When Heather Bishop relocated from her hometown of Regina to Manitoba in 1975, it was a career move for the folk singer – one that turned out to be highly successful.

    “Winnipeg was the heart of folk festivals in Canada, if not also influencing the US. I was thinking of launching a music career, and Winnipeg seemed like a good kickoff place,” Bishop says.

  • Origin stories: Rosemary Barton, CBC Chief Political Correspondent

    Rosemary Barton originates from our wintry city. A couple of years ago, I interviewed her mother, Mary Barton, a beloved early childhood educator who had an honorary street in Winnipeg named after her.

  • Origin stories: Wookey Films

    Award-winning Wookey Films is coowned and co-produced by brother/sister combo Jérémie and Janelle Wookey. The production company has been operating in the Exchange District since 2013.

  • Crime time

    Origin Stories: C.C. Benison

  • Roger that

    Origin Stories: Madeleine Roger

  • Capturing the moment

    Origin Stories: Michael Veith

  • From one vibrant city to another

    Origin Stories: Geez magazine

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