• Ma-Buhay! places Filipino excellence centre stage

    A “gut feeling” kicked off one of Rainbow Stage’s most ambitious projects to date. “It is exhilarating to witness the creation of something this big and wonder how our city will respond to it,” Carson Nattrass, artistic director at Rainbow Stage, says about Ma-Buhay!.

  • A farewell to the Good Will

    Nearly a decade after nine guys decided to open the Good Will Social Club, the beloved venue will take a final bow on Feb. 1.

  • Favourite local music venue/Favourite local restaurant

    Favourite local music venue

    1. The Good Will Social Club

    2. The Handsome Daughter

    3. The Park Theatre

    Favourite local restaurant

    1. The Handsome Daughter

    2. Bonnie Day

    3. Shorty’s Pizza

  • Favourite local album/Favourite local performance

    Favourite local album

    1. Virgo Rising - Vampyre Year

    2. Amos the Kid - Enough as it Was

    3. Neighbour Andy - Wild Ones

    Favourite local performance

    1. Virgo Rising EP release show, Oct. 13 @ Good Will

    2. i am your spaniel by We Quit Theatre

    3. Neighbour Andy, Aug. 24 @ The Beer Can

  • Arts briefs

    Django Festival All Stars @ the Rady JCC // Music in the Parlour // Winter classes open at Forum Art Centre // Get curious @ cre8ery // To Broadcast is to Scatter // A Day With(out) Art

  • Devin Latimer, chemistry instructor

    Devin Latimer, a chemistry instructor at the University of Winnipeg, hails from the northern Manitoba towns of Lynn Lake and Leaf Rapids.

  • Arts briefs

    Rachmaninoff’s 150th birthday celebration // A movie you can dance to // Theatrical connections // Sound of Music @ Royal MTC // On the future of Black art in Canada // Celebrating labour and the arts

  • Weaving Métis stories through song

    Six years ago, during a 10,000-kilometre research trip across the M.tis homeland, Dr. Suzanne Steele, a M.tis librettist, poet and scholar, came across a historical love affair that would define her artistic life for the next several years.

  • Serena Ryder reimagines the holidays

    Few occasions trigger a barrage of complicated feelings like the holidays. Canadian singer-songwriter Serena Ryder knows this all too well.

  • They made Believers out of Manitoba

    Ten years after the release of their sophomore album, Today We’re Believers, Royal Canoe will reunite at the Park Theatre to bring their lineup of euphoric, groovy fan favourites back to the local stage.

  • Cranking decorum up to 11

    Cufflinks? Check. Pre-rehearsed acceptance speech? Check. Ear plugs? Perhaps the most essential of all.

  • Arts Briefs

    Have your say downtown // Garrett Neiles EP show // Get Hyper // WJT’s comedic opening // The Sound of Unity 2.0 // Li Keur: Riel’s Heart of the North

  • Arts Briefs

    Peaceful reflections @ cre8ery // MAWA reading group // Talking architecture // Celebrating Manitoba country // they tried to bury us // Coup de Coeur Francophone

  • Critipeg: Vampyre Year

    Released Oct. 13 on House of Wonders Records

  • Ska in the spotlight

    When Greg Crowe co-founded ska group Whole Lotta Milka in 1992, the band members “didn’t even own an amplifier.”

  • Celebrating Jewish Brill-iance

    If Neil Diamond, Carole King, Paul Simon and Phil Spector were all in one building for an evening, the event would almost certainly be standing-room only. That is, if the building were a concert venue. But the illustrious artists listed above did coexist in the same space for years with each other.

  • Post-post-punk

    Within music circles, the prefix “post” is often attached to an ever-growing array of genres including post-rock, post-metal and post-harcore.

  • Catch a (sound) wave

    A list of Winnipeggers’ preferred sports would likely rank surfing highly only among those privileged and spry enough to get out to their oceanside homes a few times a year. But the tradition of surf music has never been limited to those who practice the sport, as evidenced by the local live act Surf ‘n Turf.

  • Boundless creativity in Winnipeg

    In the words of famous American author Steven Pressfield: "Creative work is a gift to the world and every being in it. Don’t cheat us of your contribution. Give us what you’ve got.”

  • Where minimalism fuels creativity

    Kwae Kobain, a local hip-hop artist, lives in a minimalist apartment, a haven of simplicity and tranquility that fuels his creative process. The apartment’s white walls and uncluttered design provide an ideal backdrop for his artistic thoughts to flow.

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