• ‘An enabler and a life preserver’

    For people with eating disorders, Instagram is a double-edged sword

  • Seeking shelter in Winnipeg Transit shacks

    Province must invest more to aid those experiencing houselessness

  • The fault in our self-care

    Life on the Borderline

  • Past and present

    We can make progress, but the work is never done

  • Losing traction

    When cyclists make sidewalks unsafe

  • Reproductive health not a concern for minister of health

    To the Manitoba PC government, reproduction is still a ‘women’s issue’

  • Class divides may cause rising conservatism in immigrant communities

    Foreigner Affairs

  • Happy Trails

    When Uniter staff photographer Keeley Braunstein-Black pitched a cover story about winter camping, I was thrilled. 

  • Be more like Spider-Man

    We need to normalize mask use – for the kids

  • Disability representation needs to be nuanced, realistic and respectful

    Reading in Colour

  • New year, same BS

    Like most people, I bid 2020 a much deserved “see you in hell” on New Year’s Eve.

  • We need to talk about Modi

    Foreigner affairs

  • 2020, meet the Uniter 30

    Every year around this time, The Uniter releases the results of our annual readers’ poll, the Uniter 30. Every year, we ask our readers to vote for their favourite people, places and things of that year.

  • Mother of Goo

    Go f*** yourself. I love you

  • Photo realism

    Stock images. They are one of the most boring and least glamorous aspects of making a newspaper. 

  • In other words

    Rethinking how we talk about sexual violence

  • Reading in Colour

    Visibility matters

  • Listen up, leaders

    In Manitoba, this week has seen growing calls for Premier Brian Pallister and Health Minister Cameron Friesen to resign over their disastrous mismanagement of COVID-19.

  • Winnipeg needs to protect sex workers

    Sex work is real work

  • It’s time for Pallister to ‘grow up’

    Provincial government must take responsibility for rising COVID-19 cases

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