• “The style of dance that we do is NAfro.”

    When NAfro Dance Productions founder and artistic director Casimiro Nhussi first came to Winnipeg, he couldn’t find anyone producing the sort of work he wanted to make. So he started making it himself.

  • Fat Babes take over the dance floor

    Fat Babes Dance Collective founder Laura Elliott was tired of never seeing fat bodies performing dance in Winnipeg

  • Dance as a bridge

    Yofanana, NAfro Dance Productions’ upcoming show, cuts to the heart of human connection.

  • A conversation between art forms

    Contemporary dancers are branching out to collaborate with other art forms. According to Johanna Riley, interim company manager at Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers (WCD), this crossover is a natural evolution for the genre.

  • Critipeg: Only the dead wear shoes to bed

    Hotel Room/Only the Dead Wear Shoes to Bed, a multimedia installation which took place in the basement of Forth, featured four videos, a large installation and a performance by artist and contemporary dancer Ming Hon.

  • A safer space to party

    Safer spaces are gaining popularity at festivals and nightlife events. The notion of a safer space varies with the circumstances.

  • Arts Briefs

    Art City clay on display // More Indigenous art at the WAG // Circle of Life Thunderbird House Fundraiser // Vegan SMACDOWN // JJ Neepin selected for apprenticeship // Wall-to-Wall presents Hotel Room

  • Arts Briefs

    New Point Douglas mural // FemFest 2017 // Accalia Robertson recieves grant // Syrian newcomer youth theatre // Greys Anatomy trivia night

  • Folklorama

    Aug. 6 to 19 //  Building community, one pavilion at a time

  • PortageX

    July 7 to 9 // A piece of history

  • Burlesque without boundaries

    Winnipeg’s burlesque scene has exploded in the two years since the Winnipeg Burlesque Festival had its first summer showcase. Traditionally, the scene has been comprised of mostly women, but it’s since shifted to be more inclusive.

  • Whose House? André’s house

    André Lewis is a spontaneous kind of guy. The artistic director of Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet (RWB) has been with the company for more than 40 years, but he says he may never have wound up with them if not for a fluke.

  • Arts Briefs

    God is a Scottish Drag Queen IV // Prairie Fire’s Indigenous issue // World premier of dance // Reading Week plans // MAC’s strategic plan

  • Favourite Local Dancer

    1. Brett Owen
    2. Brianna Ferguson
    3. Tie: Carol-Ann Bohrn / Jill Groening

  • Favourite Local Filmmaker

    1. Kayla Jeanson
    2. Guy Maddin
    3. Sonya Ballantyne

  • Learning to appreciate art

    Nobody in their right mind would call me cultured.

  • Give dance a chance

    Dance is an art form some say almost anyone can appreciate, although it may take time to discover that.

  • Folklorama

    July 31 to August 13: Delicious food and global entertainment

  • Islendingadagurinn

    August 11 to 14: Celebrating Icelandic culture

  • Ballet in the park

    July 27 to 29: Dancing the Nutcracker in July

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