• Sex after heartbreak

    After we share our life with another person for a significant period of time and choose to part ways, we must grieve this loss. The initial fear may be loneliness: to be apart from your bedtime companion and the lips you want to kiss after a long, lousy day. But to transition out of this love and familiar touch is a reminder to come home again to ourselves, for we have not left. We were always here, and will always be here.

  • I’ll be your trusted learning partner

    With the environmental nightmares of the summer months coupled with a year-and-ahalf- long pandemic, it’s as if we are stuck in the apocalypse. The remains of Indigenous peoples are being found at several residential school sites, the situation in Afghanistan continues to worsen, and, of course, we’re still in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic. Shouldn’t we be coming out on the other side by now?

  • One foot in the door

    This is different! Well, sort of.

  • Art as a drawing board for change

    Foreigner Affairs

  • Confessions of a Unicorn

    Mother of Goo

  • Critipeg: Cherry

    Streaming on Apple TV+

  • A cautious return

    There are a lot of questions about what a return to humans on campus means for our newspaper. 

  • Dreaming of a better world

    Reading in Colour

  • The things we take for granted

    This week, I went for my first haircut in nearly a year.

  • All for one

    Life on the Borderline

  • Labour rights are immigrant rights

    Foreigner Affairs

  • Winnipeg’s cultural tug-of-war

    The term “culture war” has been bandied about a lot in the last several years.

  • XXX

    Mother of Goo

  • Newfound horror hound

    Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve become a horror fan for the first time in my life.

  • Add more Indigenous authors to your reading list today

    Reading in colour

  • A rolling doughnut

    It’s February in Winnipeg

  • The fault in our self-care

    Life on the Borderline

  • Past and present

    We can make progress, but the work is never done

  • Class divides may cause rising conservatism in immigrant communities

    Foreigner Affairs

  • Happy Trails

    When Uniter staff photographer Keeley Braunstein-Black pitched a cover story about winter camping, I was thrilled. 

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