BIG FUN 2014: Surprise Party, Wizards, Vampires presented by The Uniter

As part of BIG FUN 2014, The Uniter is proud to present:

Surprise Party (12:30)
Wizards (from Saskatoon) (11:30)
Vampires (10:30)

Doors open at 10
Music starts at 10:30

Surprise Party:

This is the soundtrack to your drunken youth. While the rest of the party was busy doing whip-its in the garage, these boys were plugging in fuzz pedals and writing the catchiest songs you’ll never hear on the radio. Surprise Party is lo-fi party rock for the lunatic soul.

Wizards (Saskatoon): 

The Wizards invite you to “drop out, get high, destroy yourself, learn to shoot magic from your fingers and be love.” What better instructions could there be? This four-piece surf/psych rock band from Saskatoon is producing some of the most inventive sounds to come out of this prairie town, leading a collection of fans that want to get magical and go to the moon.


Deep into the driving dizzy riffage of Vampires, you may need to step outside their acid lounge for a smoke break, or a breath of unscuzzed air. That is, if you can elbow your way past your fellow deadhead dregs who are screaming their post-punk, post-pubescent, post-party paranoia.

Tickets for this show are available at the door.

Festival passes are $60 and are on sale at Music Trader, Into the Music, and online at