Make & see dance instantly in this lab-style dance school designed to:

1) amplify the perfectly beautiful natural dance already within you, and

2) bring that dance to the centre stage.

SCHOOL OF NATURAL DANCERS (SND) meets to workshop dance first Sundays monthly.

Locations are varied to give dancers of ANY ABILITY the chance to develop their artistry to suit ANY LOCATION.

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 4, 2023 will see SND meet @aceartinc., 206 Princess Street, 1-5pm 

Participants are given the guidance, opportunity and platform to formally SHOW one’s own naturally-formed dance art, SEE the dances of others and LEARN from the experience — and thereby enhance their dance practice.

The principle of NONCHOREOGRAPHY guides us as we observe, video document and present our emergent dance forms … instantly & naturally.

All abilities welcomed and valued.

Video captured will be shared with participants via online methods.

Video can be used for further study, portfolio building and additional sharing for self-promotion.

NOTE: Please bring a dance “costume” to the session. What best suits your dance?

For more information: / [email protected]

SND is an evolution of INSTANT DANCE WORKSHOP, which was offered monthly January-May 2023 @ Prairie Circus Arts.

It is also an evolution of 3 public showings of “lab” dance by an ensemble of Winnipeg dancers: SILENT … LAB DANCE (Apr, Jun & July 2022).