Cafe Rouge

Come and join us for the first Cafe Rouge of the season! Our theme is "The Falling Leaves: Songs of Autumn" and we have a wonderful roster of singers lined up:
Donna Fillingham
Ian Fillingham
Sheila Hawkes
Karen Hammerstand
Susanna Portnoy
John Bluthner
Terry Cooke
Teagan Graham
Shauna Jones
Sarah Mercer
Nathaniel Mercer
Doug Holroyd

Grant Simpson on Piano and we are honored to have a special guest at this cafe - the one and only Owen Clark on drums!

There aren't many Winnipegers who don't know about Owen. He is the grand master of music, a scholar, an author and a top drummer, conductor and musical director.

It's a real treat to have Owen join us for this cafe. With a musician like Owen, we will all learn things just by playing with him.

So listen - Owen - and Pie and You. Who could ask for anything more?