Volume 78, Number 05

Published October 5, 2023

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  • The Uniter 30 returns!

    This week, Manitobans took to the polls to vote in a history-making provincial election. But that ballot is small potatoes compared to your next ballot – the Uniter 30! This week, Manitobans took to the polls to vote in a history-making provincial election. But that ballot is small potatoes compared to your next ballot – the Uniter 30!

  • Boundless creativity in Winnipeg

    In the words of famous American author Steven Pressfield: "Creative work is a gift to the world and every being in it. Don’t cheat us of your contribution. Give us what you’ve got.”

  • Where art, cats and plants flourish

    Olivia Cassie, an artist and curator, has cultivated a home where art, creativity and a deep affection for feline companions converge seamlessly. The walls are adorned with an eclectic mix of artwork, some of her own creation and others from various artists.

  • Of kittens and coffee

    The Cleocatra Café (Quán Cọp Phê), opened at 859 Portage Ave. in May, is perhaps one of the most fascinating, fuzzy experiences one can have while sipping a cup of joe.

  • Critipeg: Tetsuo: the Iron Man

    Plays at Dave Barber Cinematheque on Oct. 24 and 31

  • Arts Briefs

    FEAST @ PTE // Soul Gallery pop-up in the Exchange // Bonjour, je m’appelle... // Location! Location! Location! // Opening: Tim Gardner @ the WAG // Trivia for a good cause

  • NDPs win provincial election

    Manitoba voters cast their ballots on Tuesday, Oct. 3, initiating a wave of change in the provincial legislature. The Manitoba NDP, under the leadership of Fort Rouge MLA Wab Kinew, rode an orange wave to victory, ousting the Progressive Conservative (PC) incumbents and winning a majority.

  • On the darker, snarky side of life

    In a city awash with craft fairs and flea markets, someone new is trying something a little different.

  • Heather Souter, anthropology professor

    Heather Souter’s journey unfolds like a tapestry, intricately woven with her dedication to preserving her Michif heritage and Indigenous languages. Born in British Columbia with deep Métis roots, she eventually settled in Camperville, an Indigenous community in Manitoba.

  • Campus Briefs

    The wellness hub // Fall reading week // Career chats on instagram // Money talks // Webinar wednesdays // Undergraduate exchange program // Ask an advisor // February graduation (in absentia) // Need a spot to store your stuff? Rent a locker!

  • A nightmare for elm trees

    In front of Kilter Brewing Co. stands a beautiful elm tree. It’s taller than the building, and its branches spread out to shade nearly all of the patio. Right now, it’s covered in artwork from visitors during Nuit Blanche. Initials within hearts, smiley faces and abstract squiggles decorate the trunk and limbs, but, unfortunately, so does a stark, orange spray-painted dot in the middle of the trunk.

  • City Briefs

    Upcoming Wesmen women’s soccer games // Thousands commemorate Orange Shirt Day // A boost in Manitoba’s minimum wage // Advocates standing up for social housing // A new Manitoba premier // More research needed for landfill search

  • AI: Tool or threat to creativity?

    A recent lawsuit filed by 17 authors, including renowned fantasy novelist George R. R. Martin (the author behind Game of Thrones), against OpenAI has sparked a heated debate on the ethics of AI (artificial intelligence) and its relationship with copyright infringement in the digital age.

  • Cycling safety

    As summer winds down, Winnipeg’s cycling safety remains in question. Despite some progress with various speed reductions in neighbourhood zones, poor city planning and toxic car culture still make Winnipeg’s biking community feel unsafe.