Volume 78, Number 03

Published September 21, 2023

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  • Hateful, Horrid Heather

    On Wednesday, Sept. 20, crowds of protesters descended on the Manitoba Legislature and The Forks to rally in support of “parental rights.” “Parental rights” is the anti-2SLGBTQIA+ hate lobby’s newest dog-whistle term used to cloak their fight against basic human rights for transgender people.

  • Spreading the sound

    The crowd swells inside and surrounds the orange temporary fencing in the Maryland Food Fare parking lot. Fontine serenades the lot filled with people, dogs, bicycles and other odd assortments. It’s a warm fall evening on a day packed with music and art. One of those Winnipeg days where people can’t decide which event to attend. Everything is the same as before, yet a little different.

  • A living gallery

    Erica Wilson, a Metis/Anishinaabe theatre artist and workshop facilitator, has created a home where every item tells a story. That includes a painting gifted by a friend in Kelowna, a mannequin head discovered in Wilson’s first apartment when they were 18, and even the appliances they received as gifts from family members.

  • Real recognize reel

    As theatres are inundated with the usual stream of blockbuster fare and self-perpetuating franchises, modern mainstream cinema offerings may seem less and less authentic. But one Winnipeg film festival is keeping it real.

  • They sure play a kind, welcoming pinball

    The advent of the affordable television set and the miracle of pizza delivery has kept gamers inside the last few decades, away from the former ritual of congregation at arcades, pizzerias and the like. But David Morris is on a one-man mission to get leisure enthusiasts off the couch and into the community once again.

  • A greener world is possible

    From temperature maps displaying a sea of red to line graphs depicting exponential CO2 emissions, most of the visual language surrounding climate change evokes nihilism rather than hope.

    Yet, in a new, multidisciplinary exhibition called Planet Love, hope is the basis for climate action.

  • Critipeg: El Conde

    Streaming now on Netflix

  • City Briefs

    Resumé, please! // Nomination for UWSA byelection // City record for fires in vacant buildings // Counter-protest against ‘parental rights’ march // Gillingham addresses downtown safety strategy // Calls for landfill search continue

  • Arts Briefs

    THIN AIR returns to Winnipeg // CKUW to host DIY DJ workshop // Video Pool has a midlife crisis // Entangled @ MHC Gallery // Nuit Blanche 2023 // Indigenous theatre spotlighted at Royal MTC

  • Student issues on the ballot

    The University of Winnipeg (U of W) makes its home in the Union Station riding. With the Oct. 3 provincial election fast approaching, the riding’s candidates are making their pitches to students and community members on a variety of issues at the ballot box. The Union Station riding contains 12,699 registered voters, according to Elections Manitoba, and encompasses most of downtown.

  • ‘We are still here’

    The University of Winnipeg (U of W)’s third annual Truth and Reconciliation Week kicks off on Monday, Sept. 25. Through a series of events, students can continue learning about Indigenous cultures and honour residential-school survivors.

  • In search of trans safety on campus

    The University of Winnipeg (U of W) 2SLGBTQ+ Solidarity Collective is hosting a week of events to help reshape conversations surrounding trans issues on campus.

  • Dr. Andrew Frey, physics professor

    Dr. Andrew Frey’s journey to academia might have been written in the stars.

    Some of his earliest memories include gazing at the sky while waiting in a car outside a daycare in North Carolina. He says these moments sparked a lifelong curiosity in and passion for understanding the cosmos.

  • Campus Briefs

    Money Talks // Career Chats On Instagram // Wanted: Volunteer Notetakers // Deadline To Apply For In-Course Awards // Volunteer Fair // Need A Spot To Store Your Stuff? Rent A Locker! // Student Id Cards // Fall Reading Week // Undergraduate Exchange Program

  • White lies

    Sometimes, I feel like the wrong kind of African. I came to Canada when I was 17. Now, I am a citizen. All the time, I get the question: “have you gone back to Kenya since you left?”

    I get it from immigrants and Canadians alike, and each time my answer is the same.

  • Why the SAG-AFTRA strike matters

    An unprecedented labour dispute has marked the summer of 2023, holding the entertainment industry hostage.

    On July 14, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA) embarked on a strike. Approximately 160,000 members’ demands include better pay, improved working conditions and a fair slice of the ever-evolving entertainment pie.