Volume 77, Number 16

Published January 26, 2023

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  • Lingering symptoms

    In December, after nearly three years of masking up, sanitizing my hands and limiting my social engagement, 

  • Out of the closet and into the streets

    The term “safe space” can be traced back to lesbian and gay bars in the 1960s.

  • Live band karaoke returns

    Karaoke, derived from the Japanese words for “empty orchestra,” is a staple of bars in East Asia.

  • Lost and found again

    Barb Bottle and Briony Haig aren’t afraid to ask the big questions.

  • When fairytales collide

    Cinderella meets Little Red Riding Hood meets a baker’s wife meets Jack and his beanstalk. 

  • Arts briefs

    Snowe-d in and Warming up// Capturing domesticity// Dancers wanted// Introducing Game-itoba// Lighting up the Exchange// Dine with your palentines

  • Saint Omer

    Plays at Cinematheque until  Feb. 2

  • Headlines

    A reporter’s notebook crammed in my back pocket. 

  • Vacant-building property owners may pay cost of fire responses

    The owners of vacant buildings in Winnipeg may now pay in the event of a fire. 

  • City briefs

    Pet fosters needed// Lions Place residents protest pending sale// Don't let it go to waste// Fast-track recruitment plan for doctors// Clean Slate Program funding// Mobile drug testing

  • Fish biology

    Dr. Caleb Hasler grew up in a small town in Eastern Ontario.

  • Student services

    Study Skills Workshops// Spring Graduation// Winter 2023 In-Course Awards// Webinar Wednesdays// Ask an Advisor on Instagram// Career Chats on Instagram// Fall/Winter Term Courses-Final Withdrawal Date

  • Introducing Edith Hancox, socialist feminist

    In early September 1919, thousands of Women’s Labour League meeting attendees resolved to march to Manitoba’s provincial legislature and demand that jailed strike leaders be released from prison.

  • The cost of commodifying pleasure

    It was blue, sparkly, worn like a Finger Monster and possibly bought at a gas station.