Volume 77, Number 11

Published November 24, 2022

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  • Max’s gifts

    One of the great joys of working at The Uniter is that I’m constantly learning about Winnipeg.

  • There and back again

    Whether it’s baking sourdough bread, hiking, playing video games, fostering pets or learning a new language, there is no shortage of hobbies out there.

  • A modern-day patron of the arts

    With dozens of releases and a family of artists whose music ranges from roots to shoegaze, Winnipeg record label Transistor 66 has been part of the city’s rock scene for decades.

  • Time to pretend

    Some people are taking a more practical approach to media escapism, beyond video games or virtual reality.

  • It’s a family affair

    Winnipeg is home to a large preserve of turn-of-the-century architecture.

  • Arts briefs

    Chuckling for a good cause// MTC presents The Three Musketeers// Jaimie Isaac exhibition at 1C03// Cinematoba kickstarts community film// Empowering incarcerated women through beadwork// A final evening with Duncan Mercredi and friends

  • Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song

    Plays until Nov. 24 on Cinematheque at Home

  • Hearing Trees: Small Talk EP review

    Releases Nov. 30 at the Park Theatre

  • An inaccessible city

    Transportation and infrastructure in Winnipeg centres on cars.

  • City briefs

    A blue day for the Bombers// The Leaf expected to open this season// $25,000 awarded to N.E.E.D.S Inc.// $2.5 million for Building Business grant// Youth for Christ’s The Edge restricts 2SLGBTQ+ members

  • Dealing with dark days

    Winter’s colder days and darker nights can impact mental health and wellbeing more than people may realize.

  • PROFile: Telling Indigenous Hawaiian History

    “Typically, I say that my specialization is in the study of the United States after World War II but with a focus on Pacific worlds,” Dr. Leah Kuragano says.

  • Student services

    Webinar Wednesdays// Work-Study Program/ Exams/ Waitlists for Winter Term/ Holiday Break/Start of Winter Term// Winter 2023 In-Course Awards// Graduate or Professional Studies Bursary// Use the MyVisit App

  • Your lawn isn’t as green as it looks

    There isn’t an ecological disaster in your backyard. Your yard is the ecological disaster.

  • Thinly veiled criticism

    It felt like progress, when, two decades into my eating-disorder recovery, I stepped on a hospital scale and didn’t register the number