Volume 77, Number 02

Published September 15, 2022

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  • A Perplexing Paint Job

    After two and a half years of working almost entirely remotely, it’s been something of a process adjusting to working in-person again in the Uniter office.

  • A quick fix?

    “It’s like an Advil to me,” Reese Estwick says. 

  • Reflecting on place and music

    The idea of Winnipeg as a muse may seem peculiar, even pedestrian to its denizens.

  • Bridging the gap between contemporary art and publishing

    The Prairie Art Book Fair, hosted by Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art, celebrated artist books and publishing from Sept. 9 to 11.

  • Reactivating Indigeneity at the former fur-trade post

    An Indigenous resurgence requires the acknowledgement of the pre-colonial history behind places and spaces.

  • Culled craft for a cause

    A group of philanthropic Winnipeg seniors are repurposing donated artwork to raise proceeds for AIDS relief in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Alma’s Rainbow

    Plays at Cinematheque until Sept. 18

  • Arts briefs

    Love the Exchange// Brews, yoga and more// Screening awareness// Connecting through art// Celebrate food at Fort Gibraltar// Pro-rock and pro-choice

  • Be charitable, save food, eat good

    The Too Good to Go app launched in the Toronto metropolitan area last summer and was recently introduced in Montreal and Vancouver. Now, Too Good to Go is up and running in cities across Canada, including Winnipeg.

  • City briefs

    Classes cancelled to honour Queen// Hospital in crisis// Webinar to protect the Public Utilities Board// Poilievre leads federal Tories// Social Planning Council to hold AGM// CUPE strike looming

  • ‘Not affordable for them’

    Adequate housing is a human right, but for many students, it’s far from accessible.

  • PROFile: Beyond the observable universe

    Originally from Kingston, Ont., Evan McDonough obtained his PhD at McGill University.

  • Student Services

    Undergraduate Add/Drop Period – Make your changes!// Study Skills Workshops: Advice & Tips for Academic Success// Student ID Cards// Wanted: Volunteer Notetakers// On a Waitlist? Check Your Webmail Every Day// UWSA’s Health Plan and U-Pass// Pay Tuition the Easy Way// Apply Now for Fall/Winter Awards// Volunteer Fair// Use the myVisit App

  • Stigmata: stigma’s origin in religious ecstasy

    The word “stigma” comes from a Latin word meaning that a person is marked or branded.

  • ‘Just have a glass of wine’

    I made the appointment to talk about other kinds of pain.