Volume 75, Number 07

Published October 29, 2020

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  • Thirty-something

    It’s that time of year: voting for the Uniter 30 is open again!

  • We can get through this together

    Though thousands gathered in Winnipeg this summer and stood for Justice 4 Black Lives and Indigenous Lives Matter rallies, the very act of protesting coupled with the instances of racism and prejudice that continue to plague this city can make this feel all for nought and can have a negative effect on people's mental health. 

  • Critipeg: I Am Greta

    Coming to VOD on Nov. 13

  • Arts Briefs

    Safe September // Apart, Together // Gimme Some Truth // Playground Chitchat // Little Brown Jug X Beetlejuice // Speaking Crow

  • (P)artners in performance art and feminist leadership

    Performance artists Lorri Millan and Shawna Dempsey have been making art together for more than 30 years.

  • Outsider artist has first solo exhibition

    Bîstyek, an exhibition titled after the artist’s chosen name, opened on Sept. 4 at 300 Ross Ave. in the space that used to house Actual Gallery. 

  • Streaming IRL horror

    It’s the spooky season, which means many people are filling their streaming queues with horror movies. But it can be tiring to revisit the same slasher films and ghost stories every year, especially when the news is scarier than anything David Cronenberg or Jordan Peele could conjure. 

  • Martha Street, COVID-style

    Like many arts organizations, Martha Street Studio has had to adapt to this new pandemic world.

  • City Briefs

    Tech-Connect launch // A year-long timeout // The annual meeting of those who speak for the trees // Navigating law to protect the environment // Healthcare worker grievances // Bowman announces break with City

  • Reaching beyond bars

    Manitoba has the highest incarceration rate out of all provinces in Canada at 231 adults per a population of 100,000 – a problem that has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • Balancing the budget comes at a price

    The plan for education reform was unveiled in the provincial government’s throne speech on Oct. 7, contending that parents will have “more say” in the new model.

  • Campus Briefs

    Awards and financial aid // Student aid // Student central // Student records // Student services

  • U of W hosts Black Writing in Canada

    The Black Writing in Canada is a new initiative from the University of Winnipeg's English department.

  • From the big city to the Prairies

    The story of why Jennifer Reid left Toronto and began teaching at the U of W is a heartwarming tale. 

  • U of W organizes Webinar Wednesdays

    The Webinar Wednesdays series, organized by U of W Student Services, attempts to provide support and advice for students.

  • In law we trust

    It isn’t fair to ask marginalized communities for lawful protest when laws often largely miss the mark on human rights.

  • Late-night shows are like university students

    For now, late-night reflects the mounting pressure put on comedians to be philosophers, political activists and teachers, able to somehow grapple (comedically) with the floundering American democracy.

  • Thank you, Goddess

    BDSM requires skillful and intentional communication. It is the ménage à trois of intimacy, tenderness and vulnerability. 

  • Horoscopes

    Those born with the Scorpion as their rising, sun or moon sign have a mysterious, intuitive, and power-wielding dynamic in the core of their personality, an echo of the shadowy Autumn season. The primary Scorpio strengths can be found in their devoted, determined, and observant natures. They are hard workers, often artistic, and deeply committed to study and research. You can count on the Scorpion to see whatever they have committed to through to the end.

  • OK, Boomer

    An illustration by Charlie Morin.