Volume 74, Number 24

Published April 2, 2020

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  • The road behind, the road ahead

    Back in February, when staff at The Uniter chose “2020: A Decade in Review” as the theme for our annual Urban Issue, none of us could have predicted how different the world would be by April. An issue that was initially pitched as a look back at how things changed in the 2010s suddenly looks like an exploration of how quaint those changes look in the wake of what we’ve experienced in 2020.

  • Are social distancing practices overrated? Not remotely

    Four years ago, Angie St. Mars decided to take the chance to try standup comedy, and she never stopped.

  • Arts funding is more important now than ever

    In 2013, Jessica Botelho-Urbanski wrote in The Uniter’s Urban Issue that Winnipeg could be improved with more arts funding. Unfortunately, arts funding is again on the chopping block in the municipal budget this year, facing a 10 per cent decrease.

  • COVID-19 proves Canada can afford basic income and housing for all

    Amid the flurry of information and misinformation and speculation that has saturated every online platform for the last couple weeks, there has been a thread of cringe-inducing positivity regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Coming to a living room near you

    Winnipeg’s reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic has ranged from a toilet paper hoarding frenzy to a general sense of malaise as students try to navigate online classes, with many scrambling to apply for EI.

  • Flipping the script

    Writers have a talent for tapping into imagination, and despite their chosen genre, skillfully put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to create an immersive reading experience. Though their talents are displayed on each page, their background and journey into the literary world are often reserved for memoirs.

  • Changes in social change

    From youth organizing to civil rights movements to the evolving social discourse, a lot has changed for people engaging in activism, community work and advocacy in Winnipeg during the past decade.

  • News briefs

    Zine seeks submissions // Library due dates extended // Pub to grocery delivery service // Mental health support for U of W employees // Essential services on campus to deliver remotely // Serious or overblown?

  • Uber to enter Winnipeg market

    Transportation has been a relevant issue in Winnipeg well beyond the past decade. The Uniter has covered this topic in depth, as it remains an issue of great importance for all Winnipeggers, especially students. Our coverage has focused extensively on safety, affordability and efficiency related to buses, taxis and ride-hailing services.

  • Rapid, massive, transformational change

    Over the past decade, the University of Winnipeg (U of W) has experienced significant change and transformation. During this time, the university has, among many things, had two presidents, added new programs and rapidly expanded its campus.

  • PROFile: Nora Decter

    Ten years ago, Nora Decter, an English instructor at the University of Winnipeg, was finishing up her undergraduate degree.

  • Let her speak

    With most professional and amateur sports leagues around the world on hiatus amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the Olympics postponed until 2021, it can seem like sports have been reduced to reruns, along with the “see 10, do 10” push-up chain and toilet paper challenge attempts athletes post on Instagram.

  • My identity does not need your approval

    Most days, I don’t even know who I am. Similar to the way that people sometimes Google themselves, I often review my Facebook timeline. Who am I? What qualities do I present? Are my political memes dank enough?

  • Feeding diaspora

    I immediately swoon at the love, lineage, healing and pleasure that undertones writing and art by People of Colour involving food. Food and love are both so potent. They are embodied experiences marked by longing, sustenance, nourishment, orientation and legacy.

  • City Roots

    Over the past few months, this column has made a case for a closer look at Winnipeggers’ relationship with trees, both past and present. I have been able to consider what they do for humans, as well as their own agency, and to think about how they became so central to Winnipeg’s identity as a city.

  • Horoscopes

    Your horoscope for Thursday, April 2, 2020.

  • Nacho stovetop popcorn

    A crunchy, satisfying snack (or lunch or dinner, no judgments here) that is vegan and gluten-friendly.

  • Kraken

    A comic by Hely Schumann.

  • Bird Lines

    A comic by Eric Hetherington