Volume 73, Number 4

Published September 27, 2018

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  • Mythologizing Winnipeg

    Which of the following statements about Winnipeg are true?

  • Visions of Winnipeg

    This week’s feature story fits neatly into the somewhat nebulous goal we’re always striving for here at The Uniter - which is to tell stories about this city, of those who love it and who are working to make it better.

  • Whose House? Jeanne’s House!

    Psychiatrist, cultural theorist, author and performance artist Jeanne Randolph lives in an updated heritage building in Winnipeg’s Exchange District.

  • Arts briefs

    Manitoba Podcast Festival // Flash Photographic Festival // Free admission at the WAG (and Nuit Blanche)! // Ingmar Bergman retrospective // Prairie Nurse at Prairie Theatre Exchange // Lights of the North

  • Nuit Noire AfroPeg celebrates Black artists

    “Obviously, Nuit Blanche wasn’t named ... after white people,” local poet Chimwemwe Undi says. 

  • Parallel Prairies: Stories of Manitoba Speculative Fiction

    Winnipeg-based writers Darren Ridgley and Adam Petrash put out a call to authors of short speculative fiction “with deep ties to the province.”

  • C. Samms - Synthetic Properties

    At first glance, it’s tempting to classify C. Samms’ Synthetic Properties as a piece of particularly tight, energetic vaporwave – a more tastefully orchestrated strain of the genre birthed from the internet’s neon guts.

  • The queer space of Evolution

    In the absence of dedicated queer spaces, visits from distinguished national or international guests can be a catalyst to create – even for just one night – a place for queer communities to gather and celebrate

  • Porn in public

    This Saturday, Kate Sinclaire, a Winnipeg director and producer of the adult cinema site Ciné Sinclaire, will pack people into her third-floor Exchange District studio to watch pornography.

  • News briefs

    UWinnipeg team raising money // Mental Illness Awareness Week // Nonsuch Nuit Blanche Celebration // Language partner program needs volunteers // West Awake

  • Walking to support mental illness programming

    On Sept. 29, Manitobans will gather outside of the Legislative Building for the third-annual March for Mental Health, an event which seeks “to celebrate the community and increase awareness around mental health and mental illness in our community,” Angela Taylor says.

  • Negotiating for quality of life

    For Tyson Sylvester and Amy Hampton, who both have cerebral palsy (CP), two years of work fighting for their rights to the support systems necessary for them to participate in society are on the brink of paying off.

  • Wesmen Recap

    The Winnipeg Wesmen women's soccer team came close to but couldn't clinch their first win of the regular season this past weekend.

  • Weed on campus: new policies following new legislation

    Weed will officially be legalized in Canada on Oct. 17, 2018. However, the Cannabis/Marijuana section of the University of Winnipeg Campus Living Contract sets restrictions that make it difficult for students - especially those living in residence - to consume cannabis products

  • Advice for emerging writers at U of W

    Recent graduates can sometimes have a hard time finding a place to work that supports them financially and contributes to a career in writing. 

  • Dumbbells or dogma?

    Routines inescapably govern our everyday lives. How we get dressed, how we commute to work or school, how or when we eat and even how we fall asleep are all mundane tasks that we accomplish mechanically.