Volume 72, Number 5

Published October 5, 2017

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  • Who’s the boss?

    Sometimes, shattering the glass ceiling can leave an entrepreneur under a microscope.

  • Uniter IRL

    One of our goals with The Uniter is to start conversations that aren’t happening in other publications, and to tell stories that open up new spaces for learning and discovery.

  • Whose House? Bailee’s House!

    Ever since she began playing music in high school, local musician Bailee Woods has stuck by one key philosophy: give your bands weird names.

  • Arts Briefs

    Queer salsa and waltz // Get Out at Cinematheque // Double Date // Making Contact and Sending Love // Dear Journal launch // Korean Floral Art Workshop

  • DIY tattoos are empowering

    Tattooing is getting a DIY revival.

  • Andy Shauf - The Party

    Andy Shauf’s fourth album, The Party is a twist from all of his previous albums.

  • Critipeg: SHARDS

    Gallery 1C03’s SHARDS is an active conversation between history and the present. 

  • Cult classics take off in Winnipeg

    Winnipeggers love their cult classics. 

  • Whiny Femmes is a platform for a well-needed vent

    In a patriarchal society that tones down sensitivity, the Whiny Femmes zine is a breath of fresh air.

  • Crystal clear

    I live with a physical disability as well as a chronic illness. Both of these terms are fairly well known, but I still encounter confusion from many people about what they mean.

  • News Briefs

    Food Services // City Hall Christmas tree // Skywalk Lecture Series // Leadership debate // Dominica Relief Fundraiser // Winnipeg Op-Shop

  • New playing field for cabs

    Big changes are planned for taxicab regulation in Winnipeg.

  • Why do fringe banks fill the inner city?

    Within the last 30 years, accessing financial services has became trickier in low-income areas like Winnipeg’s North End.

  • More than a week for mental health

    The University of Winnipeg (U of W) and the student groups it houses offer resources to support the mental health and well-being of students in a number of ways.

  • Profile: Conor Whatley

    Studying ancient Greek and Roman history was not where professor Conor Whately thought his university career would end up.

  • Amazon wants a piece of city’s subsidies

    As Sears sets to abandon the southwest wing of CF Polo Park, local politicians seek the attention of digital retail giant Amazon.

  • Un-Supermarket

    A comic by Sari Habiluk.