Volume 72, Number 24

Published April 5, 2018

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  • Water words

    The theme behind this year’s urban issue title, “Streams of Thought,” is water. 

  • In water

    Callie Lugosi is a photographer and writer based in Winnipeg, Man., Treaty One territory and the birthplace of the Metis Nation.

  • Winnipeggers agree that water is life

    Enbridge’s proposed Line 3, a pipeline renewal project, will skirt the northwest of Winnipeg.

  • When Winnipeg went dry

    Imagine living in a tense and highly mobilized political climate.

  • Rocking out from a young age

    Young musicians benefit greatly from taking part in the music scene.

  • Land, water and the health of the environment

    A thesis written by Natasha J. Szach argues that preserving water will give the Indigenous community a chance to move from being a stakeholder into a partner when governing the Canadian people.

  • Trade and leisure at The Forks

    The Forks has a history stretching back thousands of years, according to the book The Forks, A Meeting Place Transformed by Sheila Grover and Greg Thomas.

  • Halfway to somewhere

    There is one space that we cannot escape, that is always with us, constantly mediated by our perceptions of self and how others perceive us. This space is our own body.

  • Americans might think we are nice

    Recently, I travelled to Guatemala and Mexico. During my time there, I met a number of individuals who told me I was “a very nice Canadian girl,” who expressed concern for my safety and who asked why I didn’t have a Canadian flag on my backpack.

  • Cottage class

    Whenever I go out to my parents’ cabin at Bel-Air, Man., I make a point of accessing the water directly from my aunt and uncle’s cabin, which is a waterfront property a couple of doors down, by way of the staircase they’ve constructed leading down to the rocky beach.

  • Public waterworks

    Breaking down in front of a boss, many moons ago, was the beginning of the end of my time at my job. 

  • Bird and Astro

    A comic by Eric H.