Volume 72, Number 22

Published March 22, 2018

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  • Spring into summer

    It may seem a little hasty to start talking about summer just a few days past the spring equinox with snow still falling and collecting on the ground. 

  • Conserving memories

    On January 12th, 2018 the Assiniboine Park Conservancy (APC) announced the closure of the Conservatory. The conservatory’s last day of operation will be April 2, 2018.  

  • Whose House? Alan’s House!

    Cultural economist Alan Freeman’s career has spanned the fields of politics and art, multiple countries and several decades.

  • Arts briefs

    MARL Film Fest // Winnipeg Comedy Showcase // unforgettable // Poetry in Many Languages // The Honest Heart Collective // Orchid show

  • Black Panther’s role in society

    The recently released movie Black Panther attempts to demonstrate what it means to be African.

  • Nice day, new menu

    Recent changes have been made to downtown Winnipeg restaurant Have a Nice Day. On Feb. 26, a menu overhaul was made overnight.

  • Tinker, Tailor, Sparrow, Water

    As the old song says, “Everything old is new again.” But when the old things are nuclear tensions, anxieties about espionage and global power struggles, is it anything to sing about?

  • Cub Sport

    This Is Our Vice is a great synth-pop record for a casual listen as well as an energizing one. 

  • CRITIPEG: Littoral Landscapes

    Winnipeg artist Tracy Peters’ Littoral Landscapes, a video-based installation running at Gallery 1C03 until April 7, uses a minimalist approach to explore local concerns about shores, water and time. 

  • Outdigenous

    Well, well, well. A year has come and gone, and this is my last article for The Uniter! Writing this column has truly been a wild ride from start to finish.

  • News Briefs

    Final speaker - Classics // Get ready for gold // Guest lecture by J.R. Léveillé // WHS Donations Telethon // The Ethics of Culture // Mama Bear Clan patrol fundraiser

  • Band-Aid solution to justice

    Winnipeg has the largest Indigenous population across Canada with 38,700 First Nations, 52,130 Métis and 315 Inuit people. Yet the province of Manitoba lacks both Gladue reports and Gladue courts to represent this growing population.

  • Taking notes on campus

    There are many methods to note-taking in class, and often different learning styles can affect how students take notes.

  • Trans Day of Visibility

    Transgender Day of Visibility is a day of celebration for community accomplishments and empowerment.

  • Currying Favour

    Since his election and consequent wane in popularity, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been the butt of countless jokes and memes, the most amusing of which were generated during his recent tour of India.

  • Regarding Vulture Culture

    In her book Regarding the Pain of Others, Susan Sontag challenges the supposed authority of the photograph in transmitting the pain of others, reminding that a photo is fixed by a frame and that it always already contains a point of view.

  • Snuggle Punk

    A comic by Logan Stefanson