Volume 72, Number 19

Published March 1, 2018

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  • Crime and safety in Winnipeg

    Winnipeg keeps its reputation as the most unsafe city in Canada, according to a CBC report, but the perceptions about safety in this city can run deep.

  • Spring for stories

    We’re inching toward the first day of spring, and also toward the end of our production season.

  • Whose House? Kathryn’s House!

    Musician Kathryn Kerr’s creative path from jazz saxophonist to dream pop singer-songwriter isn’t a hiked trail; it’s a literal railroad.

  • Arts briefs

    Girls Rock Winnipeg // An Evening of Jazz Song // Cluster music and arts festival // Freeze Frame film festival // Talk about child welfare in Manitoba

  • Theatrical adaptation

    Recently, theatres across Canada have begun to adapt their performances to accommodate guests with sensory sensitivities, which are often symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) and dementia

  • CRITIPEG: The Florida Project

    Walt Disney World is located between the cities of Orlando and Kissimmee, Fla., places where America’s wealth disparity is egregious.

  • Animal Teeth - A List of Things to Say

    Animal Teeth’s second album comes as a great addition to their discography. 

  • Dance as a bridge

    Yofanana, NAfro Dance Productions’ upcoming show, cuts to the heart of human connection.

  • Licensed to wed

    Brenda McConaghy is a registered non-denominational marriage commissioner. She says that couples tend to see her as someone who can provide a personalized and accurate story about their relationship.

  • Outdigenous

    When white men are in positions of power, is equality and diversity truly possible?

  • News briefs

    Nuuk “York” City // Literary adaptations // Indigenous Scholars Speaker Series // Ice Castle Yoga // Women’s Week free screenings

  • PROFile: Jason Hannan

    Dr. Jason Hannon started teaching in the Rhetoric, Writing and Communications department at the University of Winnipeg (U of W) in 2013.

  • Hearing women’s voices

    Women still face harassment vocally and sexually every day. In 2014, 553,000 cases of sexual assault were self-reported by people identifying as female in a survey done by Statistics Canada.

  • What’s for lunch?

    The University of Winnipeg (U of W) has a lot of options for food both on and around campus.

  • Respect the pronoun

    Recently, someone on Twitter decided to have “Zim/Zer” as fake pronouns in his bio. Based on other content he’s shared and tweeted, it’s safe to assume this is a clear mockery of gender neutral pronouns, like they, ze, zie, xe.

  • Stress

    A comic by Keegan Steele.

  • Bird and Astro

    A comic by Eric H.