Volume 72, Number 18

Published February 15, 2018

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  • What’s that sound?

    Writing about music can sometimes feel like threading a needle with a live catfish. 

  • The 2018 Uniter Fiver

    For this year’s Uniter Fiver, we switched up the order of things a bit and had readers vote on the grand winner of the top five rather than all of the submissions.

  • Getting all the small things right

    Pop-punk trio The 1221 take being close with your bandmates to a whole new level. 

  • Overcoming fear with honesty

    Singer-songwriter Taylor Janzen is a self-proclaimed Julien Baker Evangelist, crediting the artist with inspiring her to open up emotionally within her own writing.

  • Giant Skellies rattling bones with upcoming EP

    Their name might suggest otherwise, but the Giant Skellies are anything but bare bones

  • A Cawnversation with Two Crows For Comfort

    Cory Sulyma, one-half of local folk duo Two Crows For Comfort, shies away from categorizing the band’s music

  • A recipe for grooving

    Dizzy Mystics is a local rock-inspired band with funk, jazz, folk and ’70s metal influences.

  • Whose House? Katlin’s House!

    Katlin Mathison takes music very seriously. The singer-songwriter, who performs under the moniker Okay Mann, started out with typical high school rock band gigs in his hometown of Brandon.

  • Arts briefs

    Addictions support art group // Artists in schools // All-Inuit guest curatorial team at WAG // 48-hour Anti-Racism Film Challenge // Yoga and fitness for Black men // Classical romance

  • Screening Black narratives

    The very first Afro Prairie Film Festival, a weekend devoted to the screening of films featuring and created by Black individuals, takes place from Feb. 23 to 25 in Winnipeg.

  • Coma Cinema - Loss Memory

    The fifth and final album from Coma Cinema, Loss Memory, is a wonderfully emotional and original final statement from multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Matthew Lee Cothran

  • A Survey of Jan Xylander Exhibition Posters

    Minneapolis-based artist and curator Natasha Pestich’s exhibition at Martha Street Studio presents a retrospective collection of screen-printed posters advertising past exhibits by the artist Jan Xylander.

  • Where to jam

    The options for musicians to rent practice space in Winnipeg are risky. The rental laws are ill-defined, which means that tenants rarely purchase insurance or sign a lease agreement, and rent is usually paid in cash

  • Looking back at Cootie Club

    From September 2014 to June 2015, Cootie Club offered an alternative gathering space in Winnipeg’s music scene.

  • Laughing together with WOKE Comedy Hour

    WOKE Comedy Hour is held once a month at the Good Will Social Club. Occuring on Feb. 20 this month, WOKE showcases Indigenous folks and People of Colour, with an emphasis on women and non-binary individuals

  • News Briefs

    Local Brews + Global Views // Peaceful Protest Against the Plea // Queer yoga // Genderfest Winnipeg // Bridging Two Worlds book launch

  • Talk about sexual awareness and health

    Between Feb. 12 and 16, the Sexuality Education Resource Centre Manitoba (SERC) will host Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Week on the topic of “Minding Our Business”: Sexual Health & Mental Wellness.

  • Calling all anime Fans

    Ai-Kon is an non-profit organization that holds an annual Japanese and pop culture convention in Winnipeg.

  • For the love of radio

    Campus radio gives students the opportunity to strengthen their own communication skills and have a boost of confidence overall.

  • PROFile: Shelagh Carter

    Before becoming a professor, Shelagh Carter studied in New York and Los Angeles as an actress and graduated from the Canadian Film Centre’s Directors Lab in Toronto.

  • Studying tunes

    Students are often trying to find the best way to study all of the time, and some students use music as their go-to studying aid. Finding the best tunes can be hard, especially at high-stress times like midterms week.

  • Someone tell CBC to stop playing this song

    “Gypsy” is a slur.

  • Stress

    A comic by Keegan Steele

  • Snuggle Punk

    A comic by Logan Stefanson