Volume 72, Number 16

Published February 1, 2018

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  • Temporary custodians

    The reasons why people collect things are as unique as the collectors themselves.

  • Speak up

    Another campus-based newspaper, The Manitoban was in the news recently as a University of Manitoba Students’ Union councillor introduced – and then withdrew – a motion that would challenge the student levy funding the paper’s operations. 

  • Whose House? Alexa’s House!

    Alexa Potashnik’s passion for activism began at the University of Winnipeg.

  • Arts briefs

    Equalizer // Lovecrafted // Studio 393 podcast workshops // Forthwith Festival // Writers group // On Screen Manitoba

  • Discussing drones

    The University of Winnipeg’s Gallery 1C03 is displaying an exhibition from local artists Reva Stone and Erika Lincoln until Feb. 17, 2018

  • CRITPEG: My Friend Dahmer

    As a teenager in 1970s Ohio, future cartoonist John Backderf struck up a friendship with future serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

  • Big Fun 2018

    Big Fun 2018, which took place from Jan. 24 through 28, unveiled a new crop of exciting and unique locals bands to the city – with some heavy-hitter headliners thrown in for fun.

  • The search for authentic Mexican food

    When Carlos Bosque, owner and operator of Sargent Taco Shop, arrived in Winnipeg 13 years ago, he visited every place that served Mexican cuisine in search of the flavours he grew up with

  • Shop vintage

    Vintage fashion is undergoing a revival – one that benefits both the closet and the environment.

  • Dodgeball athletes defy gendered assumptions

    Lower-level dodgeball teams in Manitoba are co-ed and require a minimum of two female players on the court at all times.

  • News briefs

    Trimbee for president // Free Speech & Academic Freedom // New grant funding adults // WE24 Safe Space fundraiser // Learn to skate

  • Marketing the artisans

    Pop-up markets happen during different times of the year with some happening around holidays – like Valentine’s Day. On Feb. 11, artisans will hold the Half Moon Market Valentine’s Fling (HMMVF) at the Inn at the Forks in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

  • Arts take on racism

    Art is a form of expression that people can use to make political statements. The Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundation (CCMF) is exploring the impacts of racism in society through the 48-hour Anti-Racism Film Festival hoping to spark conversation about racism in communities.

  • Mindful education

    Researchers have found that, often, mindful meditation is a solution to a fast-paced tech world that people are now living in.

  • Revisiting safety on campus

    Students all around campus may see more security personnel patrolling the buildings on the University of Winnipeg (U of W) campus.

  • PROFile: Ryan Bullock

    Ryan Bullock, the Canada research Chair in human-environment interactions at the University of Winnipeg, started his career path later in life.

  • Halfway to somewhere

    Refugee claims are a pressing political subject these days. With millions of people at risk of being displaced by rising sea levels within the next century, this is an issue that won’t go away anytime soon.

  • Tip abolition is not the answer

    A recent minimum wage hike in Ontario has Manitoban students hoping they’re next. Wage hikes go hand-in-hand with the tip abolition movement, a development unfavourable to servers

  • Start listening to female sportscasters

    When CBC announced their English-language broadcast team for the upcoming 2018 Olympic Winter Games, one seemingly subtle change went almost unnoticed. While Brenda Irving was the sole woman to call play-by-play for CBC during the 2016 Olympics, this year, she’s joined by another female commentator, Signa Butler.

  • Mental Health is not wealth

    Starting in 2010, Bell Let’s Talk has begun a $100-million campaign centred around breaking down the stigmas surrounding mental health. Further, jack.org, a campus-centred organization also began in 2010, with the goal of increasing awareness of mental health and mental illness