Volume 71, Number 5

Published October 6, 2016

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  • Volunteers make it happen

    Next week we’ll take a break from printing a paper, and we’re moving the weekly Uniter party over to uniter.ca for an online-only issue.

  • Chronic relief

    Manitobans currently spend between $300 and $500 million on marijuana annually, and that number is growing. Your across-the-hall neighbour or pizza guy with his baggy of shake may contribute to that total, but recreational marijuana is only a small piece of the puzzle.

  • Whose House? Ferro and Steve’s House.

    It’s a classic punk rock story. Start a band, learn to play your instruments. In that order. For local punk outfit WHIP, it was the way to go, according to vocalist Ferro Bonham and guitarist Steve Krysko.

  • Arts and culture briefs

    Art at the park // Scholarship for children’s media // Three Ring Circus // Supported by urban arts // Feedback for the CRTC // Reel Pride

  • Catamounts go backwards

    The men in matching suits release a new album

  • Give dance a chance

    Dance is an art form some say almost anyone can appreciate, although it may take time to discover that.

  • Masturbation is self-care

    Despite its silly reputation, masturbation is an important part of sexual health.

  • Interspecies family

    Services available for pets, and the rhetoric around them, have been changing in Winnipeg in recent years.

  • Embrace the staycation

    Stay home to get away from it all

  • Critipeg

    A Dog’s Life (Chienne de vie)

  • Critipeg

    Unlocking the Cage

  • Dry Wit

    Drinking is one of the oh-so creative tactics we humans have found to escape, to numb out, to access another space for a little while. So without drinking, what happens?

  • News Briefs

    Mental Illness Awareness Week // Steps towards safety // No minimum wage bump // Dr. Amie Wolf for Weweni // Bikes and beans // State of the University

  • Proper practice

    October is sustainability month, and one way to celebrate is with the second annual 20x20 Sustainability Night event.

  • The impact of Canada geese

    The migration habits of Canada Geese within Manitoba are changing, and whether that’s a good or bad thing depends on who you ask.

  • Say heyo to AYO!

    The youth-led initiative Aboriginal Youth Opportunities (AYO!)  focuses on community economic development, exploring Indigenous youth identity and building family in the neighbourhood of Winnipeg’s North End, or what AYO! calls “The Village.”

  • Bonding over English

    Fluent English-speaking volunteers help international students at the University of Winnipeg integrate into their new environments simply by becoming their friends.

  • We Need To Talk

    It’s easy to avoid conversations about sexual assault, and Canadian institutions have been fairly successful in doing just that. Sexual assault is a rampant issue across post-secondary institutions in North America. It doesn’t just happen at large American colleges, despite Canadian post-secondary institutional rhetoric. 

  • To err is to be human

    The City of Winnipeg will take proactive steps to prepare for self-driving vehicles, but there are many reasons to question how great this technology really is.

  • The PROFile – Dr. Lloyd Kornelsen

    Dr. Lloyd Kornelsen’s first career was carpentry, which he practiced for a decade after high school. This year, he returned to that practice, built a sauna at the lake and found some interesting parallels between physical and intellectual labour.

  • How to Survive

    Paul Hewak explains how to survive love.

  • Fashion Streeter

    “My style is relaxed.”