Volume 71, Number 25

Published March 23, 2017

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  • Making friends with Meredith Graves

    Meredith Graves is coming to Winnipeg to talk about feminism and capitalism, but also to make sure we’re doing alright up here.

  • What’s in a job?

    We’re hiring another position for the fall – and perhaps some of you are wondering, “Why does The Uniter hire so often? Is there some nasty secret here in the basement of the Bulman Centre that drives aspiring writers and journalists away?”

  • Intimate knots

    In the modern era, kinbaku is no longer used to bind one’s enemies. Rather, it has been popularized as a form of sexual bondage or BDSM (an umbrella term that refers to bondage/discipline, domination/submission, and sadism/masochism) often referred to as shibari, which means “to decoratively tie.”

  • Whose House? Malaikah’s house

    It’s instantly clear when walking into Malaikah Rang’inya’s home that she has a passion for décor.

  • Arts and culture briefs

    Free day at the WAG // Suffer from Mobina Galore // Red Rising launches “Love” // Art and cupcakes // Build a Bigger Table

  • This time, it’s personal for Alexa Dirks

    Alexa Dirks, the soulfully self-conscious singer at the heart of Begonia, is following up her sold-out March 3 EP release by writing music for her first full-length album.

  • Panicland mixes practice with patience

    After hitting the top 20 on contemporary hit radio stations, Winnipeg’s Panicland is sharing the spotlight. 

  • Modern run is missing history

    When choosing to participate in a fun run, there might be more to consider than which one has the catchiest name.

  • Restaurants accommodate dietary restrictions

    Going out to eat can be a complicated experience for those with dietary restrictions. How does Winnipeg’s restaurant culture fare when it comes to accommodating allergies and alternative lifestyles?

  • The Shins

    James Mercer and company are back after a five-year hiatus with an album that triumphantly returns to their indie-pop primed, psych-folk spangled, surf-tinged rock.

  • Paterson

    Iconic indie film pioneer Jim Jarmusch’s newest feature, Paterson, showcases the director at his best. 

  • Dry Wit

    Most of the times when I’ve really, really wanted to drink, it’s not the alcohol that I crave. I’m chasing a feeling of belonging. Drinking seems to magically grant that gift to everyone else, so why can’t I have some, too?

  • News briefs

    Government to increase tuition fees // Earth Night at the Good Will // Trivia night fundraiser // New master’s degree offered // Women’s centre looks to community // The lost history of hockey

  • What the heck’s a think tank?

    When seeking out reform or review of public policy, the answer is sometimes found in between the community that calls for reform and the government that executes it.

  • A home for her

    For many women, homelessness doesn’t look like living on the streets. Their struggles are hidden and harder to document.

  • The worth of a golden key

    As the school year wraps up, many high-achieving University of Winnipeg (U of W) students will likely receive a surprise letter from the Golden Key International Honour Society. The letter offers lifetime honour society membership to the top-scoring 15 per cent of the student body for a one-time fee.

  • New UWSA leaders talk politics

    The unofficial results of the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) election show one of the biggest voter turnouts in recent years at 13.8 per cent.

  • PROFile - Barry Pomeroy

    The University of Winnipeg’s (U of W) Barry Pomeroy manages to be a prolific writer, world traveller and a favourite instructor in the English department, but he will tell you he’s not really a “busy guy.”

  • How to be a better ally to women

    Gender is fluid, and not some clear-cut Venus versus Mars binary, but many issues tend to disadvantage those who present as women. So the distinction is important, and, as a general rule, women feel men can be better allies in the work of ending gender-based inequities and violence.

  • Can’t miss a target that doesn’t exist

    Both the Winnipeg city council and the Manitoba provincial government announced budget cuts that will see 2017 public services scaled back, as well as hiring and wage freezes for those employed by both levels of government.

  • TOBA

    Assassins, intrigue, an overweight cat with psychic abilities — just a standard weekday for an infamous space drifter like TOBA. He has exes all over this end of the galaxy, and the police are after his trans-dimensional kush, but if he can keep his head down and his medicine ablaze, he may decide the fate of the universe.