Volume 71, Number 24

Published March 16, 2017

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  • Kittens and corn beer and weed, oh my!

    Certain story topics may seem frivolous or unserious at first glance. But our job at The Uniter is to look beyond the superficial and to inform readers about the deeper meaning and wider impacts of the stories we tell, while also enjoying the work we put into telling them.

  • The true drama of animal rescue

    Many dive into the animal rescue community in Manitoba expecting it to be filled with big-hearted people, then find the humans involved are not treated well at all.

  • Whose House? Kristen and Dwayne’s house

    Kristen Andrews and Dwayne Dueck have lived in various collective housing arrangements since moving to Winnipeg from Morden, Man. in 1988.

  • Arts and culture briefs

    Tina Keeper named Woman of the Year // City Specific // Song sales to Red Cross // Apprenticeship program for women directors // Spirit Seekers 2017 // Little Opera Company’s St. Patrick’s Day

  • Dressing for Winnipeg’s transitional weather

    It can be difficult to know how to dress for transitional weather, but a few stylish locals have ideas for surviving nature’s mood swings.

  • French Film Festival returns for a third year

    Pour ceux qui apprécie le cinéma, an interesting festival is returning to Winnipeg.

  • New spa targets men

    Though spas have historically been looked upon as places where women are pampered, men are now also reaping their health benefits.

  • Getting creative with Winnipeg venues

    When it comes to events, Winnipeg is home to many beautiful spaces, and some locals are finding innovative ways to showcase them.

  • Cafeteria II

    In March of 2016, artists Elvira Finnigan and Lisa Wood transformed the University of Winnipeg’s Gallery 1C03 into a temporary dining hall. 

  • Ferraro

    Brotherly rock trio Ferraro came onto the scene with an authentic sound that reminds listeners of what makes music from the era of five-cent bottles of Coca-Cola worth loving.

  • Middle of Nowhere

    Even when the misogyny isn’t explicit, there’s an underlying vibe that the archetypical cyclist is able-bodied and masculine.

  • News briefs

    Community input // Manitobans are pro pot // On shore lunch // Human rights film festival // Giving some with a click // Fools + Horses at the Forks

  • On the (silver) alert

    A new bill has been brought forward that aims to change the Missing Persons Act by providing the public with more information about certain missing people.

  • Legalization in the ‘Peg

    “When Legalization comes to Winnipeg” is the title of the luncheon hosted by The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce on March 17. 

  • Student journal a voice for undergrads

    A new University of Winnipeg (U of W) publication has successfully released their first edition.

  • A gluten-free kernel of hope

    Gluten-free beer currently has a long way to go, according to University of Winnipeg (U of W) instructor in chemistry Dr. Jamie Galka.

  • PROFile - Jane Lothian Murray

    It’s been nearly 20 years since both the birth of her son and her arrival at the U of W, and Lothian Murray still teaches with a spirit that one who meets her could only describe as joyful.

  • Uber not a silver bullet for Winnipeg’s taxicab issues

    Many Winnipeggers are dissatisfied with the local taxicab industry and feel Uber and other similar companies are the answer.

  • Gendered entertainment needs to go

    There’s a system of sexism in how entertainment companies advertise based on gender stereotypes. This happens prominently among game companies and on TV, especially in media targetted at youth.

  • Salt and Petty

    Meet Salt and Petty, two '90s pop culture nerds just having a good time.