Volume 71, Number 15

Published January 12, 2017

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  • The big Five

    Wondering what that giant number five floating through the paper over the last few weeks is all about? 

  • Athletics for all

    Breaking down student athletic and rec fees

  • Whose House? Kevin and Gillian’s house

    When it comes to keeping a venue running efficiently, one’s work doesn’t always fit into a neat job description. Such is the case for Kevin Mozdzen, the wizard of The Park Theatre.

  • Arts Briefs

    Celebrating Confederation // Synthia’s Closet // DIO Fest // Manitoba Film Hothouse Award // Steve Patterson // Your chance to dance

  • Resolving to connect

    Though the beginning of a new year can be a healthy check-in point, committing to stick to a resolution for 365 days can be overwhelming. That’s why some people take a different approach to New Year’s resolutions.

  • Twins make excellent bandmates

    Madeleine and Lucas Roger of local folk band Roger Roger say there are benefits to forming a band with your twin.

  • Wellness in Winterpeg

    Blue Monday, the alleged saddest day of the year (which falls on Jan 16, 2017), is looming. How can Winnipeggers give the cold shoulder to the chilly weather? 

  • Celebrate Malanka

    How Winnipeggers do Ukrainian New Year’s

  • Critipeg: Boiling Point: Government Neglect, Corporate Abuse, and Canada’s Water Crisis

    Maude Barlow's latest book, Boiling Point: Government Neglect, Corporate Abuse, and Canada’s Water Crisis, focuses on the growing threats to Canada’s renewable water. The timing of the book’s release feels pertinent.

  • MS DOS

    Kind of Day is Edmonton band MS DOS’ first mixtape release.

  • Middle of Nowhere

    Portage and Main is our public square

  • News Briefs

    Direct Farm is in town // Black History Month around the corner // Women’s March Jan. 21 // Let’s talk Trump // Fentanyl community forums // Little Brown Jug now open

  • Thunderbird House hopes to offer more in 2017

    Elders’ teaching nights are healing for the community

  • Manitoba Open winding up for curling event

    Bonspiel has been hurrying hard for 125 years 

  • PROFile – Matt Dyce

    Matt Dyce has been at the University of Winnipeg (U of W) for just over four years, and he says it’s still a little weird teaching prairie kids about the prairies, when he’s not from them himself.

  • Moving Images exhibit showcases U of W filmmakers

    Creators work being shown off at 1C03

  • Connecting with your campus

    UWSA event aims to welcome students back to school

  • Don’t de-politicize art

    Critics of return on investment should focus on workers’ rights

  • Fashion Streeter

    “I try to be unique. I try to be unexpected. Something that hasn’t been seen.” 

  • Un-Supermarket

    Sari Habiluk's comic explores the dynamic of supermarket staff.