Volume 71, Number 10

Published November 10, 2016

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  • It’s Fiver time!

    This week, we’re opening up nominations for our fourth annual Uniter Fiver music contest.

  • Welcome to the Argyle

    A look at the history and contemporary uses of Winnipeg’s creative clubhouse

  • Whose House? Alex’s House.

    Alex Kohut started his career in vintage clothing as a thrifting wunderkind. The 23-year-old, who runs The Vintage Saint shop on Albert Street, got into the game at a young age.

  • Arts and culture briefs

    Supporting Churchill // Indigenous float // C.R. Avery // Women-directed film // Pianos on the cheap

  • Celebrating country tunes

    Manitoba awards show highlights local musicians

  • Healing with a colouring book

    Anishinaabe artist Jackie Traverse publishes a book for women

  • The story behind the story

    Exploring the origins of Winnie the Pooh

  • Changing society with humour

    Sarasvàti changes up its annual comedy fundraiser

  • Critipeg: Sounding Space

    Sound is a sensory experience too often ignored in fine arts. The fact that the terms “fine art” and “visual art” are so often used interchangeably is a testament to this. 

  • John K. Samson

    With “Winnipeg” tattooed across his heart, John K. Samson has a peculiar knack for observing the sarcastic tragedies and subtle beauty of the prairies while still creating a colloquial postcard out of them.

  • Taking shame to the grave

    The legacy Glamdrew left behind

  • Well, That’s Garbage

    Happiness can feel like a greased pig we are forever chasing only to land in mud and excrement over and over again. Why do you elude us, happiness? Here, piggy piggy piggy.

  • News briefs

    National conference on homelessness // City hall building named after U of W alum // Power of PJs // U of W heads to sexual violence conference // Half the Sky dinner // Looking at happiness

  • Restaurant resurgence

    Village Diner opens in the West End

  • Bike Lab returns

    Campus hub reopens, giving cyclists a chance to fix their rides

  • How animals can heal you

    Professor to give lecture on how animals can help us live better

  • PROFile - Dr. Allen Mills

    While the American presidential election has most of us thinking politics, professor Dr. Allen Mills does that year-round. 

  • What’s a library for?

    The changing institution is a public space worth holding on to

  • Anti-sex work spending

    ‘Buying Sex Is Not a Sport’ campaign misses the mark

  • Un-Supermarket

    Sari Habiluk's comic explores the dynamic of supermarket staff.

  • Sleepyhead

    Part 2 of Keegan Steele’s Sleepyhead.