Volume 69, Number 5

Published October 1, 2014

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  • Circle Heads

    Lighthearted and honest, Circle Heads follows a twenty-something-year-old meandering through adulthood while she tries to find humour in the banality and randomness of life.

  • Fashion Streeter

    The Uniter Fashion Streeter is an ongoing documentation of creative fashion in Winnipeg inspired by the Helsinki fashion blog www.hel-looks.com. Each issue will feature a new look from our city’s streets and bars in an attempt to encourage individual expression and celebrate that you are really, really good looking.

  • Say it forget it, write it regret it

    What do your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts look like?

  • Get a job!

    Navigating your way past endless booths, tables and sharply dressed HR personnel in a room lit by buzzing fluorescent lights can be an exhausting task - but if it lands you a job it’s all worth it, right?

  • Meet your mayoral candidates: Brian Bowman

    Brian Bowman has seen some shit.

  • Reptiles on the run

    The Manitoba Reptile Breeder’s Expo (MRBE) returns to Winnipeg’s Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre from Oct. 4 - 5, and brings with it the debate on city bylaw 92-2013 - a law restricting species of reptiles, arachnids and other exotic pets within city limits. 

  • Three cheers for the new RecPlex

    Over the past decade, the University of Winnipeg campus has expanded considerably. The Richardson College, McFeetors Hall, the Buhler Centre, and the AnX are a few among many admirable additions to the campus. The newest addition, opened in September, is an indoor recreational facility called the UNITED Health and RecPlex.

  • You’re not your f-cking khakis

    Like many students, I work at the mall. This means I spend what most might call an appalling amount of time there. My store also lacks a back room where employees can eat mall lunches consisting of mediocre pizza and fried rice among the stock boxes, so I spend more time than most watching people shop.

  • Unpopular opinions

    Seven years ago this month I quit drinking. Two years ago I wrote about it for a Uniter blog post, and the gist of it is that I didn’t quit because I was an alcoholic, simply because I didn’t like who I was when I drank. I put down a Lucky (ugh) at a party and said “I’m out” and that was it.

  • Breakout West takes over Winnipeg

    Break out your earplugs one more time, Winnipeg. Things are about to get loud as our city wraps up the Year of Music with BreakOut West, the third and final music awards event of 2014.

  • A walk in the woods

    Nature’s long been a great source of inspiration for visuals arts, and not only in the annoyingly overt terms of Thomas Kinkade. Take Winnipeg artist Ingrid McMillan as a most excellent example: Dream Home, her most recent exhibit, was birthed from many years of walking in St. Vital Park. But the 15 original works certainly aren’t sketches of squirrels.

  • Addictive art

    Even though Diana Thorneycroft and Michael Boss are a wife-husband duo, Hogs and Horses - their fifth collaborative exhibit - might not initially seem like a totally natural fit: sketches and paintings of motorbikes serve as Boss’ contribution, while Thorneycroft is responsible for the creation of an assortment of disfigured and reconstructed model horses.

  • The Boxtrolls

    For animation junkies like myself, it’s encouraging any time a stop motion film makes its way to multiplexes. When it’s the new film from Laika, the animation studio behind the excellent Coraline and Paranorman, it’s grounds for genuine excitement. While the company’s newest feature, The Boxtrolls, isn’t anywhere near the fun labyrinth that Coraline was, it’s still a fun and gorgeous stop frame animated movie that never feels rote or derivative.

  • The Equalizer

    The Equalizer is based on a TV show from the ‘80s starring Edward Woodward. I’ve never seen that show, so I can’t vouch for how faithful the new film adaptation is to the series. All I can attest to is how well 2014’s The Equalizer works as a film. That is to say, not very well at all.

  • Ducking out for some docs

    The Best of Hot Docs, happening Oct. 3 to 5 at Cinematheque, features the Winnipeg premiere of five new documentaries chosen from the line-up of the largest annual documentary festival in North America.

  • From combines to CDs

    From early on in her life, Janelle Nadeau knew exactly what she wanted to do.

  • Rock me, Joe

    Ten years ago, legendary Boston quartet Pixies reunited for a tour that almost kicked off in Winnipeg. It was something fans thought they’d never see after singer/guitarist Charles Thompson (aka Black Francis/Frank Black) ended the band in ’93. So now that Pixies have been reunited for longer than their first run, when the band (fleshed out by guitarist Joe Santiago, drummer David Lovering and bassist/vocalist Kim Deal) released five important records, toured the world and influenced a generation of kids with the trademark loud/quiet/loud formula, we’ve had to wait for a new LP.