Volume 69, Number 10

Published November 5, 2014

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  • Fashion Streeter

    The Uniter Fashion Streeter is an ongoing documentation of creative fashion in Winnipeg inspired by the Helsinki fashion blog www.hel-looks.com. Each issue will feature a new look from our city’s streets and bars in an attempt to encourage individual expression and celebrate that you are really, really good looking.

  • The Creeps

    A feel-good comic about two unnamed characters and their delightful journeys through universally hilarious themes like hatred, misery, uncontrollable rage, disease and rash, delusion, agoraphobia, paranoia, jealousy, greed, bitterness, binge eating, slothfulness, and death, lots and lots of death; also, deformity, flatulence, boogers, nosebleeds, bowel movements, and the eating of unappetizing things.

  • The PROFile - Andrew Park

    Associate Professor of Biology Andrew Park is someone who engages with the world around him. In addition to teaching and researching forest ecology and other environment-focused subjects at the U of W, he is the environment critic for the Green Party of Canada and Green Party candidate for Winnipeg South-Centre.  

  • Brewing potential

    For Manitoba craft beer enthusiasts, the most alluring aspect of the new draft beer growler bars is the low price. For small business owners, it’s the newly laid path to a less expensive method of distribution.

  • Exploring the faith

    Two weeks ago the country was shaken by the deaths of two men in uniform.

  • A need to know basis

    On the morning of Oct. 22, after murdering Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial, a gunman entered the Centre Block on Parliament Hill and opened fire, injuring three people before being incapacitated.

  • With glowing hearts

    The recent attack in Ottawa - which the RCMP has declared to be a terrorist act - and which took the life of Corporal Nathan Cirillo, in addition to the murder of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent in Quebec, have shaken many of us.

  • U-Pass or U-Fail?

    The University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) and the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) recently lobbied for a U-Pass that would give post-secondary students unlimited access to Winnipeg Transit services from September to April, and is intended to reduce spending for students who frequently use Winnipeg Transit.

  • Nightcrawler

    I had a bad feeling during the first few scenes of Nightcrawler. Between the stilted dialogue, heavy-handed media satire and Jake Gyllenhaal’s “look how creepy I am” performance, the film almost totally lost me. “Oh no,” I thought. “Here’s a movie that’s trying way too hard to be something, instead of just being what it wants to be.”

  • Ida

    Ida, the newest film from director Pawel Pawlikowski (My Summer of Love), is a rare accomplishment. In the tradition of European masterworks like Andrei Rublev or Grand Illusion, it manages to be about a nation and the cataclysms that shaped it, simply by telling a human story. Ida isn’t a throwback to those classics, but it accomplishes the same feat they do: it uses the medium’s most basic elements to create a pure cinematic experience. Free of genre, spectacle or pretension, it’s cinema at its best.

  • Coffee, garbage & female empowerment

    Documentaries offering fresh insights into today’s most current and urgent issues will be screening at the 12th Annual Global Justice Film Festival. The event, run and organized entirely by volunteers, spans one evening and a full day at the University of Winnipeg.

  • Tinker, Tailor, Szoldier, Buy

    “The Z is silent but you still kind of say it."

  • Everything You Can Imagine Is Real

    Imagine a city without art. There would be no colourful murals in the neighbourhood, no books to read before bed and no shows to go to when you just want drink a beer and listen to noise.

  • A litre of comedy

    The bantering of Kevin Heffernan and Steve Lemme is exactly as hilarious as you’d think it would be.

  • Playing with politics

    A fictionalized version of Prime Minister Stephen Harper takes centre stage in Proud, the latest production by Theatre Projects Manitoba. The piece is written by Canadian playwright Michael Healey whose first full-length play, The Drawer Boy, premiered back in 1999.

  • So fresh and so clean

    An established downtown Winnipeg recording studio is soldiering on, but under a different name and management.

  • Christmas with Kozelek

    For a casual Mark Kozelek fan, the last two months of his lengthy career have been a bit inexplicable: first, there was the Hopscotch Music Festival incident (he called a noisy crowd “fucking hillbillies” and told them “to shut the fuck up,” later making t-shirts with the quote to commemorate the standoff). Then came the invented beef with Philadelphia band War on Drugs, which culminated in the highly controversial songs “War on Drugs: Suck My Cock” and “Adam Granofsky Blues.” 

  • Growing pains

    Any artistic pursuit involves constant focus, effort and sleepless nights spent sweating over whether or not an individual voice will rise up from the heap of work on the floor. Halifax-based artist Mo Kenney reports that the many years using that exact recipe has paid off in the form of her slightly different second album, In My Dreams

  • Well, that’s garbage

    Bodily functions have been taboo for a long time.

    But at some point our attitude toward numbers one and two turned from a natural and biologically correct repulsion, to shame at our own bodies for creating waste in the first place.

  • Whose House? Quincy’s House.

    There used to be a tradition at the Orange House - a residence appropriately named for the vibrant shade of its exterior - to leave an additional plate at every Monday night dinner. The small act honoured the extra guest that could show at any point in the weekly celebration. That sort of ethos permeates every part of the West End household. The point of the project, in addition to housing three full-time residents, is to welcome anyone who steps in the door.