Volume 68, Number 17

Published January 22, 2014

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  • Is science part of spirituality?

    Are science and spirituality mutually exclusive categories, or are they inclusive? Anupam Sharma, organizer of a public forum held at the University of Winnipeg’s Convocation Hall from 1:00 - 4:30 pm on January 29, is asking just that.

  • The new Jets head coach

    What do you think of the new Jets head coach, Paul Maurice?

  • Peer into our future

    What do the three finalists in this year’s Future Leaders of Manitoba Awards’ age 20-25 category have in common? Apart from their general desire for positive change, Chelsea Caldwell, 21, Cameron Krisko, 20, and Iain Brynjolson, 24, are all students at the University of Winnipeg.

  • Mayor in residence

    Over the next few months, if you find writer’s block setting in, you can seek help from the Mayor. Chandra Mayor that is. While University of Winnipeg English professor Catherine Hunter is on research leave until July, Mayor is keeping Hunter’s office warm with literary ideas and vivacious laughter.

  • Keep it in your pants

    You’re the first thing I see in the morning, and the last before I close my eyes at night. You keep me company all day long, and I never get sick of you. You make me happy.

  • Opening Cuba?

    I travelled to Cuba during Christmas holiday. From the viewpoint of a Chinese-Canadian who has had the experience of growing up in China throughout decades of economic reform under a Communist political system, I can see some similarities between Cuba and China; Cuba today is what China was like during the 1980s and ‘90s. 

  • Bravery, Repetition and Noise

    One of the first films that was shown to us in film school was Jim Jarmusch’s 1984 realist slacksterpiece, Stranger Than Paradise.

  • The Toy Basket: In through the out door

    Hi kittens, Bunny Ben Wa here. This month I’m going to take a running leap into an activity that you should never take a running leap into.

  • Waterfront wonder Cibo

    Open for less than a month, Cibo Waterfront Café is literally banking on some supreme riverside real estate. Located at 339 Waterfront Drive, Cibo resides in a renovated heritage building that is on the brink of the Red River and the east Exchange District.

  • If you can’t stand the cold, get out of the kitchen

    After a successful first run in 2013, RAW:almond will be popping up again so diners can enjoy food from top chefs while eating on the ice where the Red and Assiniboine rivers meet. 

  • Offbeat poet

    Winnipeg writer Jonathan Ball’s work blurs “poetry, prose, fiction and essay” into a voice and form that’s only his. 

  • Death By Popcorn (a re-review)

    In 2005, Winnipeg filmmaking collective L’atelier national du Manitoba received a treasure trove of archival video footage from a CKY TV dumpster.

  • Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

    I’m a lifelong fan of spy movies. Most spy stories tend to fall into one of two camps: the quiet, stoic stories of espionage and political intrigue (Notorious or Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), or bombastic, action-filled adventures (the Bourne or Bond series).

  • Masterpiece theatre Russian writer

    Since 2001, the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre has been staging the Master Playwright Festival, and this year the spotlight is shining on Anton Chekhov, a 19th century Russian writer known for his short stories and plays.

  • The afterparty

    The brains behind the long running New Music Festival and its indie-laden component, Pop Nuit, have set the bar high. Royal Canoe’s Matt Shellenberg and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s Alexander Mickelthwate, armed with keyboards and baton, deliver a line up that will cause even the most apathetic to suit up, brave the cold and enjoy the experimental pop majesty that awaits.

  • Chris Velan

    Don’t judge an album by its cover - this collection of eight songs from Montreal singer/songwriter Chris Velan is represented by a simple screenprint of a Mexican wrestling mask, but the acoustic tunes with peppers of electronics and haunting back ups is endearing and not the party record I thought when I first picked it up (yeah, rookie mistake, but TBH it kept me from listening to the record for months).

  • C.C. Trubiak

    Clocking in at almost an hour and with 16 tracks, the latest from Flin Flon born/Ottawa resident C.C. Trubiak is precious (“Blue”), gentle (“Broken Morning”) and hopeful (“All I Need”) but it holds too many rough ideas, with many of the songs sitting around the one minute mark.

  • Sibyl

    This five song EP from local ethereal five-piece folksters Sibyl is masterful in its simplicity, instrumentation, songwriting and subtle diversity.

  • Still breathing but barely

    When I first had the idea to write a column celebrating Winnipeg, I knew a certain challenge would strike come wintertime. The time of year when it’s least possible to be a cheerleader for the Heart of the Continent.

  • Whose House? J. Williamez’s House.

    Jeremy Williams, better known as J. Williamez, is a Winnipeg musical comedian. 

  • The city that always sleeps

    Winnipeg becomes a strange place during the winter months. Walking around the city can feel like walking through a ghostly dream.