Volume 68, Number 11

Published November 13, 2013

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  • Beer right here

    Craft beer culture is taking over Winnipeg, one step at a time.

  • Limited access, limited success

    There are still well over 13,000 newcomers arriving in Manitoba each year, even though the numbers have dropped since 2011. Over 80 per cent of these foreigners end up living in Winnipeg, the rest elsewhere in the province.  

  • Snow playin’ it

    This year, don’t use cold weather as an excuse to get out of shape. While many people adjust their activity level during Winnipeg’s cold winter months, Andrew Curtis, president of the University of Winnipeg’s new rugby team, has no intention of letting a little snow get in the way.

  • Inspirational Mayors? Look west

    In the past couple of weeks, and by the time this goes to print, I’m sure you’ve heard about the story and scandal engulfing the city of Toronto and the bizarre yet rather (un)predictable behavior its mayor, Rob Ford.

  • Sexual violence against women in war and conflict

    The term “comfort woman” may seem strange to many people; however it is not strange at all in East and Southeast Asia.

  • Winter hair care

    Salon One Eleven, located unsurprisingly at 111 Fort St., manages to have all the glamour of a modern salon, minus the pretension.

  • The wonderful world of Ozzy’s

    It felt a little strange approaching the Osborne Village Motor Inn during the day, considering previous journeys there happened well after dark.

  • Response to the response

    Writer and illustrator GMB Chomichuk has been communicating through words and pictures for as long as he can remember. He’s spent years and countless hours perfecting his craft and it’s paying off in spades.

  • 12 Years a Slave

    Over the last few decades Hollywood has made a mockery out of slavery.

  • Muscle Shoals

    You’ve heard the songs a dozen times before and have probably memorized each brilliantly written lyric.

  • Bow to Bauhaus

    Ian August is a Winnipeg painter fascinated with the architectural theory of the Bauhaus movement.

  • Winnipeg through the eyes of a tourist

    Whenever you visit a new place, you seek out new adventures and experiences to revel in. It intrigued me how positive most of these people were about this city. Perhaps these are the people to ask what our city is all about. What were their expectations and how did Winnipeg live up to them?

  • Rave on

    Maybe you’ve danced slick with sweat at the Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition (MEME), but were you ever at Wellington’s on Albert St. back in the day? Do the names Joe Silva and Ali Khan mean anything to you? Were you listening to Anthony Augustine’s radio show before electronic music gained mainstream recognition?

  • Go electro

    This month Winnipeg electro dance-pop trio Hana Lulu releases its debut EP Keepsake and embarks on its first tour which includes stops in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.

  • Across the plains

    Back in September, blues guitarist and singer/songwriter Little Miss Higgins released Bison Ranch Recording Sessions, an album compiled right here in Manitoba with local roots band The F-Holes.

  • Still breathing but barely

    One of the most tiresome refrains of the Winnipeg-hater is “There’s nothing to do.” And one of the most tiresome responses is “BUT OF COURSE THERE IS YOU JUST DON’T KNOW WHERE TO LOOK.”

  • Mark Berube

    A far cry from his folk work with the Patriotic Few, this record with muliti-instrumentalist/vocal collaborator Kristina Koropecki and producer Jace Lasek (Besnard Lakes) is infectious (“Carnival”), old-timey (“Confessions to a Streetlight”) and tribal (“Ethiopia”) while still being a solid indie pop record.

  • Moonface

    Moonface, the solo project of Spencer Krug (Wolf Parade, Swan Lake, Sunset Rubdown, etc) is a simple showcase for Krug’s trademark warble and piano playing.

  • Woodshed Havoc

    Local riff-rockers Woodshed Havoc deliver 10 tunes of southern fried shout rock to get you up and dancing, but is their formulaic radio rock ready for you?