Volume 67, Number 4

Published September 26, 2012

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  • Fashion Streeter

    I like shopping at thrift stores and secondhand shops.
  • The grand tale

    Stigma plagues fantasy fiction like a dwarven mine overrun with goblins. Naysayers denounce the genre as escapist, adolescent and unbelievable. However, there is much reason to think otherwise.

  • Five books English majors love to hate (or hate to love)

    This behemoth of a novel is full of dreary, depressing scenery and dreary, depressing characters.

  • Is popular literature destroying our culture in unprecedented ways, or have we seen it all before?

    On the shelves of grocery stores, gas stations and airport newsstands, amid the nearby copies of Cosmopolitan, they find their homes.

  • This is not your ordinary cinema

    “You will see no big brand McMovie at our fest. Independent cinema is not a bulk format experience, served a billion at a time.”

  • Open the floodgates

    Victoria, B.C. born, Dawson Creek raised and current Winnipeg resident Sheldon Birnie is known to many locals as the singer/guitarist for Cheering for the Bad Guy and editor of Stylus Magazine.

  • Dreamy like a sober drug trip

    While They Say hails from Winnipeg, the band actually started to form across the border at Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee.

  • One boy’s guide to the classics

    After releasing five EPs, one LP and touring extensively with his pop-rock band Quinzy, local singer-songwriter Sandy Taronno required a diversion.

  • In print

    You could say I’m a book snob.

  • Self-love and bad grammar

    I started writing zines when I was 16.

  • A handbook for rebellion

    It is difficult to overstate the role of the written word in helping to form and foster the idealism that has sparked activism in our society.

  • ‘The commodification of education’

    The University of Winnipeg is facing criticism over the structure and mandate of its strategic review process.

  • Fact into fiction, fiction to fact

    How much can we learn about the historical character of Winnipeg through its literature?

  • Our writing is all over the land

    It is often assumed that indigenous culture is built around oral storytelling traditions rather than a proper literary tradition before contact with Europeans.

  • International News Briefs

    U.S. marines face discipline for urination video; No more Google for Iran; SARS-like virus causes global alert; Hitch-flying pilot busted

  • Local News Briefs

    Demand for pesticide ban growing; Suzuki brings ecology, economics talk to city; Manitoba unions compete for healthcare worker bounty; CTF questions spiritual health project

  • Don’t close the book on them yet

    Aimee Peake has seen many bookstores close their doors in the 11 years she’s been in the business.

  • Winnipeg Free Press faces major layoffs

    In a surprise move last week, Manitoba’s largest print media organization laid off seven editorial staff members, causing many to question the viability of print journalism in Winnipeg.

  • Refining the East Exchange

    To Noel Bernier, the streets and shops of the East Exchange are Winnipeg’s exciting new residential epicentre and the source of a strong community with a vision of the neighbourhood’s future.

  • The future of print journalism

    How do you feel about the future of print journalism given the recent Winnipeg Free Press layoffs?

  • Campus News Briefs

    U of W in China and Hong Kong; Chief Darcy Bear shares success story at U of W; Mental health symposia at U of W; U of W to be pesticide-free in 2013

  • Wesmen Briefs

    Women’s soccer team “schooled” by B.C.; Men’s soccer team shut out twice by Alberta; Women’s volleyball come out 4-1 after 5-game tournament