Volume 67, Number 25

Published March 28, 2013

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  • Liquor laws that are more progressive

    Public alcohol consumption is illegal in Winnipeg.

  • Free WiFi throughout the city

    The question isn’t why - the question is, why not? An effective free WiFi Internet access system throughout the city would help businesses, residents and visitors alike.

  • More support for the arts

    Since the resurrection of the Jets, Winnipeg’s arts scene has seemingly taken a back seat to the NHL frenzy.

  • Revamp Portage Avenue

    James Hope Howard is a local blogger (Slurpees & Murder, Winnipeg Cat), a panelist on UMFM 101.5’s Internet Pundits and a librarian. He’s immersed himself in politics, pop culture and the bargainization of Winnipeg - so naturally The Uniter felt it should get his opinion on one of our city’s biggest cultural disappointments - the downtown stretch of Portage Avenue.

  • More food cart options

    While it’s still mostly hot dog carts, Winnipeg’s food cart culture has started to move beyond wieners and is now offering Filipino, Mexican and Middle Eastern cuisine.

  • Better cycling infrastructure

    More and more people are pedaling their way around the ‘Peg.

  • More urban parks and public squares

    It’s one of Winnipeg’s most prized public spaces - coming alive each summer with hundreds of thousands of people looking to dabble in some international jazz or fringe theatre, or to grab a slice of street meat and catch a free lunchtime concert.

  • A hockey team that’s actually good

    At the time of this writing, the Winnipeg Jets sit at the top of the NHL’s Southeast Division, placing them third in the Eastern Conference standings.

  • Improve late-night accessibility in Winnipeg

    To put it nicely, the late night scene in Winnipeg isn’t exactly top-notch.

  • Improve post-secondary education access and results

    As part of the recent federal budget, the Harper Conservatives are proposing a jobs training program that would transfer federal tax revenue to the provinces in order to funnel people, particularly young Canadians, into sectors experiencing significant job shortages.

  • Build a heated dome covering the city

    It’s a concept that’s been pitched for cities across the globe - from Manhattan to Houston to Siberia and Vermont.

  • Install heated sidewalks

    In a city that’s seen some 160 centimetres of snow pile up on streets and sidewalks this winter, it’s little surprise Winnipeggers demand a certain level of service to keep those pathways more or less traversable.

  • Elect a new mayor and executive policy committee

    Shortly after the 2010 Winnipeg civic election, The Uniter published a few light-hearted interviews gauging the reaction of regular citizens on the street.

  • Reduce crime

    In late February, while jogging across the Slaw Rebchuck bridge in his North End constituency, NDP MLA Kevin Chief was viciously attacked by four thugs.

  • A better approach to reducing homelessness

    As many people his age are preparing to trade in their work boots for loafers, Eric Spencer doesn’t see any cruise ship tours on his horizon.

  • Fashion Streeter

    I look for comfortable clothing that’s stylish and reminds me of the beach.