Volume 65, Number 7

Published October 14, 2010

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  • History department protests library’s book cuts

    In September, the University of Winnipeg’s department of history passed a motion protesting the university library’s decision to cut departmental book budgets.

  • Songs for a blues guitar

    Kathy Kennedy has a deep-seated love for the blues, and a special place in her heart for the blues in Winnipeg.

  • Out at the pictures

    Picking out a good movie can be hard enough. But when you’re queer, finding a movie that you can identify with presents a new set of challenges, ones that can’t always be filled from the racks at the local Blockbuster.

  • U of W’s urban and inner-city studies program moves to Selkirk Avenue

    As elders smudged the site of the new playground and daycare for the University of Winnipeg’s urban and inner-city studies program on Selkirk Avenue, empty beer bottles clanked from the Merchant’s Hotel.

  • I Still Don’t Even Know You

    Canadian author Michelle Berry says that the underlying theme in her collection of short stories is how even the people closest to you are ultimately strangers you will never truly know.

  • Prostitution in the ‘Peg

    A landmark Ontario Superior Court ruling on the state of prostitution in Canada has lurched into the municipal campaign, with incumbent mayor Sam Katz and challenger Judy Wasylycia-Leis offering radically different approaches to the issue.


    If you check out The Apache’s Facebook page, don’t let them fool you.

  • The Better Voter Series: This week on the campaign trail…

    This week on the campaign trail…

  • The whimsical landscapes of Gary Shapira

    Although Gary Shapira himself is humble and subdued, his colourful landscapes are anything but.


    Effect and Cause’s self-titled EP, a follow-up to last year’s debut Gavroche, is a six-track collection that sounds like it comes from much further south than their hometown of Brandon, Man.

  • Degree in dance allows those passionate about their art to get university credit

    While all students get tired of sitting through class, for most it is a minor nuisance.

  • Bison b.c.: James Farwell’s father knows best

    The last time crushing, riff-heavy Vancouver metal band Bison b.c. was in Winnipeg, singer-guitarist James Farwell’s 80-year-old father came to the show.

  • Crime in Winnipeg: real and imagined

    There are two ways to deal with crime: the irrational way and the rational way.

  • Making sense of your scent

    You can tell a lot about a person by the way they smell. Scent can change your mood, bring back memories or set the tone or atmosphere.

  • Sushi and service excellent at new West Broadway sushi café

    “Sushi” and “café” aren’t two words you’d usually think to put together, but for Yiho Sushi Café the odd juxtaposition works just fine.

  • Reflecting back: Twenty years after Meech Lake

    Twenty years ago, a Manitoba MLA named Elijah Harper altered the course of Canadian democracy.


    Scott Dunbar is a one-man band who performs his songs on the street corners of Montreal with an acoustic guitar and an accordion.

  • Being smart trumps being tough when it comes to dealing with crime

    With the Winnipeg municipal election nearing, the issues of crime and safety have been at the forefront of the policies proposed by mayoral candidates Sam Katz and Judy Wasylycia-Leis.


    The Bermuda Triangle is like nothing you’ve heard before.

  • Fashion Streeter

    The cheaper, the better. It’s up to the person to make it look like a million bucks.
  • Men’s basketball squad struggles in Montreal

    The University of Winnipeg men’s basketball team travelled to Montreal Oct. 8-9 to take part in Concordia University’s Invitational Tournament.

  • The beautiful and the repulsive

    With over two-and-a-half years worth of beautiful and repulsive photos, Bryan Scott has filled his computer, the Internet and now 318 glossy pages with his work, covering just about every building, street and gorgeous winter night ever known to Winnipeg.

  • Now is not the time to refuse to vote

    As you all hopefully know, we have a municipal election coming up on Wednesday, Oct. 27. I have a few friends who, for various reasons, are planning on not voting or spoiling their ballot. I wanted to share some thoughts.

  • Sushi in the city

    The seven blocks that make up Corydon Avenue used to be full of Italian restaurants, but now it seems that Little Italy is taking on a decidedly different flavour.

  • Campus water: unbottled

    On March 23, 2009, the University of Winnipeg became the first “bottle-free” campus in Canada in an effort to stop the privatization of water for students.

  • Wesmen women finish 2-1 at BOB FM Tournament

    The Wesmen women’s basketball team kicked off their season by hosting the BOB FM tournament Friday, Oct. 8 to Sunday, Oct. 10.

  • Sensory overload

    Chronogram of Inexistent Time is a film and video installation by Chilean born artist Malena Szlam Salazar that focuses on photography as a medium of time and space.


    Ottawa band The Murder Plans recently released their first full-length album of awe-inspiring lyrics and mellow sounds.

  • Re: Robert McGregor’s letter (Oct. 7, page 10)

    When I responded to Robert McGregor’s concerns about corporate sponsors, I misappropriated his stance and maintained that he wished to prevent corporate sponsors from occupying campus space.

  • Veteran forward brings long-time love of the game to the court

    Third-year forward Justin Phillips is one of only five returning players to the Wesmen men’s basketball team this season. Originally from Ontario, Phillips has been playing basketball for so long that he can’t remember when he began.

  • The Better Voter Series: Gangs at the top of mayoral candidates’ crime agendas

    Crime is a hot-button issue in Winnipeg’s civic election, especially with the release of Statistics Canada data that finds Winnipeg is still the homicide capital of Canada.

  • Welcome to the future

    Oil prices are skyrocketing hundreds of dollars by the barrel. Explosions sound off. The sky blackens. Earth falls under siege.

  • Improvements planned for U of W Wi-Fi

    The University of Winnipeg’s Wi-Fi network has many students wondering why they can’t connect more quickly.

  • The downtown is no laughing matter

    Winnipeg has a long history of group segregation. City districts are divided economically, politically, racially and socially. But a few things do unite Winnipeggers, one of which is our regressive views on crime, homelessness and the downtown.

  • Exploring the morbid side of birthdays

    Birthdays are a funny thing. Once a year, those of us who celebrate our birthdays throw a party to mark the passing of another year of our lives.

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • Crime Levels Downtown