Volume 65, Number 23

Published March 17, 2011

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  • Incredibly creative and unique

    The trend to buy local need not only apply to coffee and vegetables.

  • Dancing on the knife’s edge

    Canadians have long had a love affair with rock ‘n’ roll cinema, and no one has done it better than Bruce MacDonald.

  • Campus News Briefs

    Partnership to provide legal assistance to low-income families; Wesmen women lose at regionals, fall short of national tournament; Manitoba takes on FASD research; New scholarship for rural students at U of W; New UWSA to be elected

  • The telecommunications times, they are a-changing

    In recent years, the relevance of the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) in the 21st century has come into question.

  • Professors reach collective agreement with U of W administration

    After a year of negotiations, bargaining and threats of a strike, the University of Winnipeg Faculty Association (UWFA) has a new collective agreement with U of W administration.

  • Re: Matthew Roucek’s letter to the editor (March 10, page 9)

    This letter made a number of points that were poorly considered and which only serve to reinforce the victim-blaming that community activists have been speaking out against in recent weeks.

  • Modern day classic

    It’s not easy being a classical musician in these times.

  • The death of adjectives in scientific writing

    Horrid! Daunting! Down-right scary!
    As the deadline for those looming final formal lab reports draws near, be sure to pause and consider your scientific writing technique before drawing your conclusions.

  • Worthlessly shilling worthless products

    Recently, I received six months of free television as part of a promotion from my cable provider.

  • ‘I will have something cheery to say in the end—moderately cheery’

    Freelance journalist, columnist, broadcaster and lecturer Gwynne Dyer spoke to a full house at the Ellice Theatre on Wednesday, March 9.

  • Fashion Streeter

    I like to wear something that keeps me warm and conceals the dirt. Wool is nice!
  • A St. Patrick’s Day miracle

    The conversation with Winnipeg Celtic rock band Banshee’s Wail wandered as far off topic as their band members have traveled over the last few years.

  • College Wesmen take first and second place in MCAC

    The Wesmen College basketball teams participated in the Manitoba College Athletics Conference (MCAC) Final Four Championship on March 12 and 13.

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • Stopping problematic poster placement

    Misplaced posters are wreaking havoc on the beauty of Winnipeg’s West End neighbourhood and the West End Business Improvement Zone (BIZ) is on a mission to stop it.

  • Task force encourages discussion on environmental effects of dams

    A group of varying faiths are banding together on the Internet to create discussion on Manitoba Hydro’s environmental impact.

  • Eight is enough

    Life is intense.
    And according to a local artist collective that calls itself the Group of 8, art is even more intense.

  • Finding hope during the end times

    At the surface level, there is almost no hope for humanity in a world that is rapidly approaching apocalyptic catastrophe.

  • A system that is broken

    The claim that the police occasionally use violence against citizens is no longer contestable in an age of cellphones and security cameras.

  • Local News Briefs

    Outreach program seeks funding; $2M to help exploited young people; Man arrested after pointing laser at police chopper; Provincial bed bug strategy to launch; Hydro hearings continue

  • Wide-legged pants, pantsuits and shoulder pads

    Modeling in Winnipeg? Say what?

  • Do you care about how much body hair your partner has?

    Do you care about how much body hair your partner has?

  • Re: “The salvia scare” (March 10, page 4)

    As a past user of saliva, and advocate for the philosophical and self-helping benefits of drugs in general, I say we should think about what the possible consequences of banning salvia could be.

  • Winnipeg water rates currently under review

    The department of water and waste in the City of Winnipeg is currently reviewing the rate structure of how Winnipeg residents are billed for their water.

  • To shave or not to shave?

    Shaving cuts, painful self-waxing and sadistic aestheticians are all familiar experiences in the realm of removing female body hair.

  • International News Briefs

    Massive earthquake, tsunami devastate Japan; Dalai Lama eyes retirement; African Union fights for Somalian stability; ETA leader in custody; Corruption from above

  • A little nook

    In a little nook tucked beside Warehouse One at 354 Portage Ave. is a delicious eatery appealing only to the most adventurous of palates.