Volume 65, Number 18

Published February 3, 2011

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  • Environmental columnist and author to speak at the U of W

    If you’re looking for ways to lessen your impact on the environment, start with changes that are simple for you to make.

  • Education documentary heartbreaking, personal

    How would you feel if your entire future depended on a random lottery?

  • Here be ghosts

    “What’s the point of talking, when neither of us can fool the other?” wrote Swedish dramatist August Strindberg in The Ghost Sonata more than a century ago.

  • Making children’s dreams come true, one wish at a time

    Most women jump at any opportunity to throw on a sexy pair of sling-backs, but Gina Nasuti and Karine Driedger have taken it to a whole new level.

  • The best of the fest

    If you can find better acting anywhere else at this year’s Master Playwright Festival, I’ll kiss your shoe.

  • Answering the call

    They put out the call and Winnipeggers responded. Now, three music-loving philanthropists are gearing up to celebrate the release of a book that will benefit Kids Help Phone.

  • Strange and wacky, yet totally functional

    Beards are the sexiest and warmest type of facial hair for the winter season.

  • Five local artists to watch in 2011

    The Uniter’s annual round-up of Winnipeg musicians you should keep an eye on.

  • Rampant sex and hermaphroditic priests

    Amygdala is the second exhibition of a 10-year project, in which transdisciplinary artist and cultural engineer Michael Dudeck invents an entire cosmos.

  • Election fever starts nine month ahead of the big day

    For the political-minded junkies among us, 2011 will certainly be a busy year.

  • Fashion Streeter

    My style is mood-based, seasonal and constantly evolving.
  • The bitterest of battles

    To paraphrase David Mamet, a bard formerly showcased by Winnipeg’s Master Playwright Festival: drama is about people trying to get something, come hell or high water - it’s a contest of wills.

  • Re: “Procreation is a bad idea” (Jan. 27, page 9)

    Katerina Tefft is correct that deciding not to procreate is an excellent way one can reduce the taxing impact humans have upon the biosphere. But why stop there? An even more important way one can save the environment is to end their own life.

  • Re: “Procreation is a bad idea” (Jan. 27, page 9)

    Katerina Tefft’s scolding of procreation is unfounded in demographics, statistics and facts.

  • Puppies and boobs

    Being the keen observer of the human condition that I am, I’ve noticed a pretty interesting correlation in our society between two really amazing things: puppies and boobs.

  • More music this week

    More music this week

  • Well-composed and evocative

    Here’s a risky bit of theatre that would be almost clownish, in the theatrical sense of the word, were it not for the despair running through it.

  • Re: “Grassroots activists slam Youth for Christ once more” (Jan. 20, page 3)

    I wish to contextualize a comment in this article where I was quoted as believing Youth for Christ is reminiscent of the Indian Residential Schools (IRS).

  • From Winnipeg to Austin and back again

    Dedication to music and the pursuit of artistic vision are what make Twilight Hotel such a compelling band.

  • Dumpster diving, disappearing bees and killing Lake Winnipeg

    Environmental groups and films constantly bombard us with apocalyptic rhetoric to demonstrate the immediacy of environmental problems.

  • War resister continues fight to stay in Canada

    An organization made up of friends and family of U.S. war resisters seeking refugee status in Canada presented a letter to Provencher MP and federal minister Vic Toews on Jan. 19, requesting a meeting to discuss his opinion of deporting U.S. war resisters from Canada back to the United States.

  • Bankruptcy may not be all that bad

    Often perceived as the end of the road, bankruptcy may not be the worst option for someone who is struggling with debt.

  • BIZ makes cuts to Cruz In Downtown event

    Organizers of an annual charity event that brings auto enthusiasts and spectators together downtown for live entertainment and car shows feel they have been mistreated by the Downtown Winnipeg Business Improvement Zone (BIZ) after it decided to pull funding from the event.

  • Wesmen women’s volleyball team defeats top-ranked Pandas, splits weekend matches

    The University of Winnipeg’s Wesmen hosted the University of Alberta’s volleyball teams on Jan. 28 and 29. Both of Alberta’s teams, the male Golden Bears and female Pandas, are strong this season and ranked above Winnipeg.

  • Computer glitch postpones UWSA health plan opt-out refunds

    Almost five months after the usual refund return date, the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association’s (UWSA) health plan opt-out money is finally being delivered to students.

  • Old news about a new sign

    We already live in a world of unstable economies and jeopardized environments. Now, we find out that we may not be exactly who we thought we were because of an alleged change in our zodiac signs.

  • Culinary illusions

    As a chef, I watch the Food Network with more than a bit of amusement.

  • Reproductive justice

    Feminists often talk about sexual health. We within the feminist movement call ourselves pro-choice and defend women’s rights to make choices about their reproductive lives.

  • Campus News Briefs

    U of W theatre department presents Machinal; Wesmen women’s basketball team earns split on the road, Golden Bears defeat Wesmen men; CFI grants for U of W profs; Manitoba fights isotope shortage; New professor joins innovative graduate program

  • International News Briefs

    Brazil begins new hydro dam; Computer hackers arrested; Leading gay rights activist killed; Koreas return to talks without apology; Tens of thousands protest in Egypt

  • Local News Briefs

    Shaving head was voluntary, Human Rights Commission says; Smoking on athletic fields hot topic; Winnipeg author dies from heart attack; Wal-Mart to open three Winnipeg supercentres; No problem hailing cabs

  • Do you feel there is a social stigma attached to declaring bankruptcy?

    Do you feel there is a social stigma attached to declaring bankruptcy?

  • Sudoku and Crossword Solutions for the puzzles from Jan. 27, 2011.

    Sudoku and Crossword Solutions for the puzzles from the Jan. 27, 2011 issue.

  • Twilight Hotel

    They may have moved to Texas, but as long as Winnipeg ex-pats Twilight Hotel keep churning out albums as good as When The Wolves Go Blind, we’ll keep claiming the musical duo as ours.

  • The Afterparty

    There is an essential conflict in this album from Winnipeg band The Afterparty: is the dress code black-tie formal or barefoot mud-dancing attire?

  • The Town Pants

    Now this is something that I am down for. The Town Pants have created their own division of Celtic that lends itself to an audience somewhere in between the heavy drinkers and the soft rockers.

  • The Lucky Ones

    The Booze Sessions by The Lucky Ones came with a press release including a quote from band front man Steve Stumble: “I recorded this when I was hammered in just one take!”.

  • Maritime

    There’s something nostalgic about the beginning of this track from Milwaukee-based Maritime, with it’s militaristic drum fill intro setting up a clean electric guitar riff over a static, humming synth note.