Zach Fleisher

  • Small town, big ideas

    As the political sweepstakes begin to heat up in advance of the October municipal election, several candidates are now seen to be eyeing the mayoral job.

  • U-Pass on the move

    Last week, amid a long enduring journey spanning over 15 years and countless pleas, the basic framework of a U-Pass passed Winnipeg City Council. Without delving into the intricacies of political process involved with moving legislation through Winnipeg City Council, it is important to recognize the long term potential that the U-Pass brings to both post-secondary students and the general public.

  • Big change on the horizon for Winnipeg

    For most Winnipegers, civic elections elicit nary a blip on our collective radar as years past have produced lackluster candidates and even more unimaginative policy ideas. Those trends and patterns may have served the city in an adequate fashion as a mid-sized prairie town, but times have changed: Winnipeg is now a growing city and is only now presenting itself as a city on the upswing after years of minimal growth or even slight recession.

  • Inspirational Mayors? Look west

    In the past couple of weeks, and by the time this goes to print, I’m sure you’ve heard about the story and scandal engulfing the city of Toronto and the bizarre yet rather (un)predictable behavior its mayor, Rob Ford.

  • Shifting direction

    Within the past few weeks, Canada has seen a monumental resurgence in student activism, as hundreds of thousands of students in Quebec have mobilized to the streets to protest Premier Jean Charest’s plan to increase tuition fees within the province.

  • Howard Redekopp visits Winnipeg

    As one of our country’s finest record producers, Vancouver’s Howard Redekopp was brought in Sept. 22-24 as Manitoba Music’s producer-in-residence to lead a weekend workshop for local producers and musicians.

  • Where do the four parties stand on post-secondary issues?

    Manitoba’s general election is in full swing, with a variety of issues and platforms being put forward to Manitoba voters. With that in mind, The Uniter decided to take a look where the four major parties stand on post-secondary issues.

  • A heart on one sleeve and a Jets logo on the other

    It isn’t often that Winnipeg makes a name for itself among bands from out of town, especially those from across the border.

  • Provincial Health Care


  • International News Briefs

    Pakistan continues to face issues with flooding; Internet restrictions lifted in Burma; Role of NATO in Libya hailed as a success; Tensions grow on Afghan-Iranian border; Malnourishment strikes North Korea’s army

  • U of W prof leads way with research on intellectual disabilities in sport

    One of the fastest growing aspects in the constantly expanding field of sport psychology is research involving athletes with intellectual disabilities.

  • Joshua McNeil: The future of the Green Party

    Over the last several years, Canada has seen a downward trend in the participation of young people in the federal political process.

  • Local News Briefs

    Katz looks for help in bedbug battle; Thousands granted First Nations status rights; Winnipeg Free Press to open news café; Winnipeg Harvest needs to expand; Paddlewheel Restaurant drops anchor

  • Are cigarette warning labels effective?

    Do you think the graphic warning labels on cigarette packages are effective? Why or why not?