Victoria Pereira


  • In with the new

    Technology is changing the university

  • Striking minimalism

    The Style Exhibition launches the newest collection of William Rhys

  • The Raw Revolution

    Embracing the natural in skin care products

  • Divas all night

    When Sarah Michaelson and Jón Olafson – a.k.a., Mama Cutsworth and DJ J. Jackson, respectively – perform together, you’re bound to see more than just a DJ set. You can expect gold.

  • New moon rising

    Movement has never looked so fiercely intricate as it does in Gaile Petursson-Hiley’s new dance project Eclipse

  • Fairy tales in the real world

    If you’re a fan of modern fairy tale films that are an edgier, more provocative version of the original, odds are good you’ll want to attend this upcoming University of Winnipeg (U of W) event.