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    August 14 - 16 Kelwood, MB Ticket prices range from $31 for a Friday Day Pass to $186 for a Family Weekend Pass, which includes 2 adults and 2 children. Camping passes range from $12 - 42.


    Aug. 14 - 16 south of St. Malo, Manitoba on the Rosseau River


    August 1 - 4 Steinbach, MB All-Day Family Pass $30 Adults $10 Children (ages 6-12) $4 (Ages 5 and under get in FREE)


    June 4 - 7 The Forks Ticket Price: $11.35 per single ticket and $9.95 per ticket if you're buying more than four at a time


    June 7 Morden Park, Manitoba Ticket Price: $15

  • A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

    The title, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night evokes a sense of fear and vulnerability. A solitary figure walking unforgiving nocturnal streets. In the context of Ana Lily Amirpour's new horror film, it evokes something else: a sense of subversive empowerment. Gender roles will be fiendishly reversed to macabre and rather entertaining results. It's indeed a story about predators, but not necessarily the type of predators you think.

  • Winnipeg Is: The Merchants

    What was once a notorious hotel in Winnipeg’s North End will soon be home to academic and community engagement.

  • Winnipeg Is: UNICITY

    It’s deceiving to look at the map of Winnipeg and think of it as simply “one city.” A massive, sprawling hunk of Manitoba, dotted with Slurpee cups and Jets jerseys. It’s only when you look at the individual communities, each area operating a little bit differently than the next, do you get a sense of who lives here.

  • The fun comes after

    When someone creates a piece of art, it almost inherently invites comparison from its audience. This song reminds you of this band or that singer, which can be a double-edged sword for an artist. Local folk-alt-rockers Sc Mira have heard it all over the past two years. Singer-guitarists Sadye Cage and Ty Vega often chuckle over the endless unusual examples.

  • The Babadook

    The Babadook is the type of horror movie that puts other horror movies to shame. Cinematic ghost stories are an abundant and often poorly crafted commodity in Hollywood. Whether it's demons, phantoms or poltergeists, there's always a ghost-hunter, exorcist or clairvoyant nearby to predictably save the day. The Babadook goes in a refreshingly different direction, delivering an utterly relentless and original horror experience. The bar has been raised intimidatingly high by writer-director Jennifer Kent.

  • Two Days, One Night

    Sandra (Marion Cotillard, Inception) receives some bad news from work. Her co-workers have voted that she will be fired. In exchange, they will receive a salary bonus. However, Sandra's boss says she has the weekend to convince them to vote otherwise and save her job. This frigid act of corporate cruelty sets in motion a chain of events that will totally alter Sandra's life.

  • Soap Box

    ​So you’ve been offended by a stand-up comedian. Congrats. It finally happened.

  • Solhounds

    Solhounds’s fantastically groovy, funky, punky, possibly drug-infused psychedelic sound falls somewhere between the feel of bands such as Sublime, and Foxygen. Their debut EP, Smells Like Wet Dog, shows incredible potential as each track delivers a unique tone and feel.

  • Anyone Can Shoot

    Winnipeg is a movie makin’ city. Huge talents such as Guy Maddin, Noam Gonick and the Astron-6 crew have been crafting strange and beautiful cinematic gems locally for years. Their work has inspired many others to follow suit and pick up a camera. But it’s not easy. Your idea, your story, your script is only the first small step on a very long journey.

  • Surf kings

    Every Winnipegger could use a nice ocean breeze this time of year, and we don’t mean the delicious blue Malibu rum-based cocktail (although, one couldn’t hurt, right?).

  • Spinning the road to equality

    Five years ago, the landscape of the Winnipeg DJ scene looked much different than it does today. DJs who identified as women were a scarce commodity. Back then, local DJ and radio personality Mama Cutsworth was feeling a bit lonely in a scene utterly overrun by men. Cutsworth is quick to point out that she’s not the only local female DJ but there were few others.

  • Ricq Rolled

    It’s undeniable: Peter Ricq and Robbie Slade are rising to fame as HUMANS, the acclaimed two-man indie-electronic act. On their last trip to England, they were even stopped on the street and begged to pose for pictures, a first for the Vancouver-based band.

  • 50 shades of anime

    If you’re a local bookworm, odds are good you’ve attended one of the many McNally Robinson book launches, held regularly by Peg-city scribes at the flagship Grant Park location. Novelist Trevin Thomas’s Puppy + Prey began as a Creative Communications project for the current Red River student, but quickly snowballed into something much bigger.

  • Meth Daddy and the Houston silverfish

    Single Mothers guitarist Mike Peterson is quick to correct the notion that he plays in a hardcore band. He briefly considers punk as a description, before adding:

  • Students’ Association shake up

    The University of Winnipeg Students’ Association’s executive structure will look a lot different come spring time.

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