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  • Middle of Nowhere

    Even when the misogyny isn’t explicit, there’s an underlying vibe that the archetypical cyclist is able-bodied and masculine.

  • Middle of Nowhere

    Public facilities for public health

  • The cost of going green

    It’s not always easy being green, but several Winnipeg organizations are working to make environmental initiatives more accessible across the board.

  • Don’t de-politicize art

    Critics of return on investment should focus on workers’ rights

  • Middle of Nowhere

    Portage and Main is our public square

  • Keep public spaces public

    The City of Winnipeg needs to ramp up its corporate sponsorship program, according to a business plan prepared by the chief administrator’s office.

  • Favourite Local Independent Publication

    1. Winnipeg Free Press
    2. Red Rising Magazine
    3. Stylus Magazine

  • Middle of Nowhere

    Despite our characteristic self-deprecation, Winnipeggers love announcing to each other and the world that our city is great.

  • What’s a library for?

    The changing institution is a public space worth holding on to

  • For the record

    City Archives’ future uncertain years after disaster struck

  • Middle of Nowhere

    ​Six months ago, Errol Greene could feel a seizure coming on. He hadn’t been allowed to take his prescribed epilepsy meds since being brought into the Remand Centre for breaching a probation order on a mischief charge several days earlier. 

  • Middle of Nowhere

    Two St. Boniface residents have gone to the media with concerns over various “ambush points” they have to negotiate on their daily commutes.

  • Middle of Nowhere

    Winnipeg is one great city that never was

  • Manitoba’s deficit is political

    A lack of inspiring leadership means democracy needs an overhaul

  • Middle of Nowhere

    Riverside encounters show the importance of wild spaces

  • Middle of nowhere

    Let's not get attached to The Bay downtown

  • Four season cycling

    Winnipeg’s snow-clearing policies leave potential cyclists out in the cold

  • Favourite political moment

    1. Stephen Harper voted out of office 

    2. Robert Falcon-Ouellette’s election 

    3. Liberal majority in federal election 

  • Favourite local street performer

    1. Eric The Great 

    2. Blaine, aka “Horse Head Accordion Guy” 

    3. Cathy Herbert / Chris “Chris Without the Hat” Parsons (tie)

  • Middle of nowhere

    Kapyong can shatter assumptions

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