Steve Currie

  • An interesting month in Afghanistan

    It has been an excellent month for the Taliban.

  • The pros and cons of Kony 2012

    In 1985, the world’s trendiest part-time activists advertised and effected an awareness campaign, LiveAid, garnered massive public support, incurred a critical intellectual backlash, peaked and fell into history.

  • Online privacy

    Vic Toews released an op-ed to many Canadian dailies, including the Winnipeg Free Press, on Feb. 25. He sought, in his words, to clear up “confusion and misunderstanding” around Bill C-30, the rather noxiously named “Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act.”

  • Paving the way for urban reserves

    While some Canadian cities’ urban reserves are major economic and residential developments, Winnipeg has only recently started taking steps in this direction.

  • Urban or suburban? The final frontiers

    Point - counterpoint: Where we live says a lot about who we are. Though Winnipeg’s unicity planning has resulted in a variety of unique neighbourhoods, there is still a strong dichotomy between the downtown core and sprawling suburbs.

  • No progress here

    Imagine a minister of justice who believed in stoning adulteresses or a minister of health who prescribed exorcism.

  • Local News Briefs

    A criminal day off; Province in the clear; Better medicare, the grit way; Biodiesel? Not for Manitoba; Calling all Liberals

  • Biofuels a continuing source of contention

    It was a little under two years from the time the province looked into the feasibility of developing a biofuels industry in the province to the time it opened its first ethanol plant.

  • Local News Briefs

    Old toilets losing their charm; Friendly is gone, the bison might follow; Welcome back, Manitoba politicos; MPI moves to the heart of downtown; Media giant trouble just keeps piling

  • Out of the bedroom…

    A woman, who posts online under the name Aryanprincess1488, has been denied visiting rights to her children. This is the latest development of a case that first began when the children were seized by Child and Family Services (CFS) after her daughter repeatedly showed up at school with a swastika penned on her arm in permanent marker.

  • Sexual education needs bigger reach

    Although sexual and reproductive health education is mandatory in all public schools in the city, Winnipeg, and especially the inner-city, still grapples with sexual illiteracy.

  • Not as environmentally friendly as you think

    A leaked government memo spells bad news for Canada’s environmental assessment procedures, activists claim.

  • Local News Briefs

    Recession, says who? ; Mining in Manitoba ; Brits want to know how it’s done ; So long, septic fields ; No substations on heritage sites

  • Federal funding cuts

    If you were finance minister where would you cut funding?

  • Buying protectionism

    If the United States lapses into protectionist activity, “It can only trigger retaliatory action, and we don’t want to go there.” So spoke Stockwell Day, Minister of International Trade, when he referred to the Buy American Campaign, currently part of the Obama administration’s $825 billion stimulus package, working its way through Congress.

  • Healing through justice

    Amidst overflowing jails and debates over tougher crimes, one alternative approach to dealing with crime stands out from the crowd.

  • Tackling city hall

    If you could bring up any issue at city hall what would it be?

  • Campus News Briefs

    Passing on the U-Pass ; Keeping cool in a recession ; U of W videos earn professional recognition ; Fair justice ; Questioning youth