Signe Buchholtz


  • Make space for introverts

    Not so long ago I had the great experience of pieces falling into place. I heard about the term “introvert,” did some research and suddenly it all made sense.

  • Terror shows its ugly face in Denmark

    In January we witnessed the horrible attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris. I was shocked, as were many others. I’m from Denmark and considering what happened in 2006 with the Muhammad cartoon crisis, it didn’t make me confident that my country would be safe from terrorist attacks. It felt like it could be just below the surface. Sadly, it was.

  • Imagine all the people (getting higher education for free)

    Well, the headline doesn’t quite fit the John Lennon song, but almost, right? President Barack Obama recently imagined something quite daring - at least in the American context. He proposed free community college for “everyone who’s willing to work for it.” He emphasized the proposal as being a cultural shift and an idea he would like to see spread all across America.