Shkelzen Miskiqi

  • Vive la culture Franco-Manitobain

    Manitoba’s Francophone lines run deep

  • Classrooms in the closet

    Largest educational LGBTQ inclusiveness study releases results

  • BIZ extends its reach

    Downtown Winnipeg BIZ adds two to homeless outreach staff

  • Downtown going to the dogs?

    City seeks input for downtown off-leash dog park

  • Riding Dutch

    Plain Bicycle Project to bring Dutch bicycles to Winnipeg

  • Warm welcome

    Red River will host huts from around the world

  • Feast in the West End

    Ellice Ave café featuring First Nations inspired cuisine opens doors to the public

  • Favourite theme night

    1. Nuit Blanche 

    2. Halloween 

    3. Motown Mondays (The Good Will) 

  • Favourite local visual artist

    1. J.D. Renaud 

    2. Dany Reede 

    3. Cara Adams / Natalie Baird / Joey Visser (tie)

  • Favourite local charity or non-profit

    1. Siloam Mission 

    2. United Way / Winnipeg Harvest (tie) 

    3. Lake Winnipeg Foundation 

  • Syphilis on the rise in rural manitoba

    Officials say no need to panic

  • Farm-fresh winter wares

    St. Norbert Farmers’ Market now open indoors

  • Economics for all

    Popular Canadian economist publishes second book

  • Sit-in gets the silent treatment

    Justin Trudeau ignores environmental activists at his home

  • Low income citizens need better housing

    Local researchers urge the federal government to take action

  • South Osborne speakeasy

    Blind Tiger brings back concept from the prohibition era

  • Safety first

    Halloween trend means more indoor trick or treating

  • Where in the world?

    Environmental issues largely absent from federal campaign

  • Daycare dreams

    With more than 500 kids on the waitlist for the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association (UWSA) Day Care, more funding from the provincial government to add extra space can’t come soon enough, the student union says.

  • Our sewers runneth over

    An upgrade to the sewer system in Winnipeg could possibly put a stop to floods during heavy rainfall and high footage of snowmelt. 

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